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Contact & Office Information

Name Telephone Email
Dr. Jimmie McClellan
Academic Dean
703.845.6223 jmcclellan@nvcc.edu
KV White
Associate Dean for ART, CST, MUS, and PHT
703.933.3986 kvwhite@nvcc.edu
Shonette Grant
Associate Dean for ENF, ENG, ESL and WLL
703.845.6503 sgrant@nvcc.edu
Nicholas (Nick) Gaffney
Associate Dean for CHD, ECO, EDU, GEO, HIS, HUM, HMS, PHI, PLS, PSY, REL, SOC, and SSC
703.845.6584 ngaffney@nvcc.edu
Accounting / Business Management & Administration / Contract Management / Finance / Marketing
Name Phone Email
Rieann Spence-Gale 703.845.6534 rspencegale@nvcc.edu
Raymond Cook 703.845.6540 raycook@nvcc.edu
James Gale 703.845.6537 nvgalej@nvcc.edu
Mohammad Kabir Jamal 703.845.6554 mjamal@nvcc.edu
Pamela Parker 703.845.6547 phparker@nvcc.edu
Stephen Suetterlein 703.845.6536 ssuetterlein@nvcc.edu
Kim Bechler (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kbechler@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Bullock, Jr. (adjunct) 703.575.4722  kbullock@nvcc.edu
Herb Chubin (adjunct) 703.575.4722  hchubin@nvcc.edu
Larry Edwards (adjunct) 703.575.4722  ledwards@nvcc.edu
Nora Gamboa (adjunct) 703.575.4722  ngamboa@nvcc.edu
Thomas Gentile (adjunct) 703.575.4722  tgentile@nvcc.edu
Mona Hawkins (adjunct) 703.575.4722  mhawkins@nvcc.edu
Linda Herbert (adjunct) 703.575.4722  lherbert@nvcc.edu
Charles Horan (adjunct) 703.575.4722  choran@nvcc.edu
Mohamed Kargbo (adjunct) 703.575.4722  mkargbo@nvcc.edu
Amanda Petersen (adjunct) 703.575.4722  apeterson@nvcc.edu
Renea Ramos (adjunct) 703.575.4722  rramos@nvcc.edu
Kristin Shriver (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kshriver@nvcc.edu
Alex Tessema (adjunct) 703.575.4722  atessema@nvcc.edu
Jeff Wade (adjunct) 703.575.4722  jwade@nvcc.edu
Administration of Justice
Name Phone Email
Timothy Dickinson 703.933.8083 tdickinson@nvcc.edu
Dennis Andreas (adjunct) 703.575.4722 dandreas@nvcc.edu
Jonathan Crews (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jcrews@nvcc.edu
Monica DiGiandomenico (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mDiGiandomenico@nvcc.edu
Sharnee Eure (adjunct) 703.575.4722 seure@nvcc.edu
Kevrain Ford (adjunct) 703.575.4722  keford@nvcc.edu
William Johnson (adjunct) 703.575.4722  wpjohnson@nvcc.edu
Tamara Lewis-Jones (adjunct) 703.575.4722 tlewisjones@nvcc.edu
Joseph Rosboschil (adjunct) 703.575.4722  jrosboschil@nvcc.edu
Carlyn Shirer (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cshirer@nvcc.edu
Albert Tierney (adjunct) 703.575.4722  atierney@nvcc.edu
Name Telephone Email
Sarah Liberatore 703.845.6160 sliberatore@nvcc.edu
Jessica Gardner 703.845.6273 jggardner@nvcc.edu
Stacy Slaten 703.845.6075 sslaten@nvcc.edu
Mark Anderson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mtanderson@nvcc.edu
Vivien Chen (adjunct) 703.845.6242 vchen@nvcc.edu
Robert French (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rfrench@nvcc.edu
Rebecca Glenn (ELI, adjunct) 703.845.6242 rglenn@nvcc.edu
Nataliya Gurshman (adjunct) 703.845.6311 ngurshman@nvcc.edu
Alexsandra Remorenko (adjunct, also with ELI) 703.845.6311 aremorenko@nvcc.edu
Pete Van Riper (adjunct) 703.845.6311 pvanriper@nvcc.edu
Automotive/Auto Body
Name Phone Email
Geoffrey Brown 703.845.6475 gbrown@nvcc.edu
Keith Brown
GM ASEP Program Head
703.845.4623 keibrown@nvcc.edu
Reginald Bennett 703.845.6523 rbennett@nvcc.edu
Laura Garcia-Moreyra 703.933.8375 lgarciamoreyra@nvcc.edu
Russell Taylor 703.845.6190 rutaylor@nvcc.edu
Warren Barbee (AUB, adjunct) 703.575.4722 wbarbee@nvcc.edu
Rob Cash (adjunct) 703.575.4722 rcash@nvcc.edu
Sandy Garrett (adjunct) 703.575.4722 sgarrett@nvcc.edu
Anthony Gray (adjunct) 703.575.4722 agray@nvcc.edu
Douglas Hinken (adjunct) 703.575.4722 dhinken@nvcc.edu
Kobe Jackson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kjackson@nvcc.edu
Childhood Development/Early Childhood Education
Name Phone Email
Dr. Christine Schull 703.845.6224 cschull@nvcc.edu
Pam Blankenship (adjunct) 703.575.4722 pblankenship@nvcc.edu
Sherry Chevalley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 schevalley@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Cunningham (adjunct) 703.575.4722 scunningham@nvcc.edu
Virginia Holloway (adjunct) 703.575.4722 vholloway@nvcc.edu
Ana Hoover (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ahoover@nvcc.edu
Nancy Hoyler (adjunct) 703.575.4722 nhoyler@nvcc.edu
Amy Johnson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ajohnson@nvcc.edu
Shelley Keith (adjunct) 703.575.4722 skeith@nvcc.edu
Trista Mason (adjunct) 703.575.4722 tmason@nvcc.edu
Kristine Ruscello (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kruscello@nvcc.edu
Yvonne Spencer (adjunct) 703.575.4722 yspencer@nvcc.edu
Communications Studies and Theatre
Name Phone Email
Dr. Brenda Lewis-Holmes 703.845.6162 blewisholme@nvcc.edu
Meredith Aquila 703.933.8089 maquila@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nathan Carter 703.845.6573 nacarter@nvcc.edu
Lucy Gebre-Egziabher 703.845.6297 lgebre@nvcc.edu.
Lucy Holsonbake 703.845.6096 lgholsonbake@nvcc.edu
Araceli Palomino 703.845.6242 apalomino@nvcc.edu
Moriah Whiteman mwhiteman@nvcc.edu
Nader Chaaban (adjunct) 703.845.6242 nchaaban@nvcc.edu
Angela Copeland (adjunct) 703.845.6242 aforeman@nvcc.edu
Toni Delancey (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tdelancey@nvcc.edu
Jeremy Hodgson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jhodgson@nvcc.edu
Jocelyn Johnson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jyjohnson@nvcc.edu
Andrew Keller (adjunct) arkeller@nvcc.edu
Ayanna Demetris Lenard (adjunct) 703.845.6242 alenard@nvcc.edu
Takesha McMiller (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tmcmiller@nvcc.edu
John Shosky (adjunct) jshosky@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Jack Lechelt 703.933.3970 jlechelt@nvcc.edu
Dr. John Min 703.933.1846 jmin@nvcc.edu
Dr. Naveen Sarna 703.845.6572 nsarna@nvcc.edu
Sameera Ahmed (adjunct) 703.575.4722 sahmed@nvcc.edu
Jay Berman (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jberman@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nathaniel Clarke (adjunct) 703.575.4722 naclarke@nvcc.edu
Dr. Doug Eckley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 deckley@nvcc.edu
Kaya Ford (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kford@nvcc.edu
Michael Laub (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mlaub@nvcc.edu
Nicolas Pologeorgis (adjunct) 703.575.4722 npologeorgis@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Jennifer Ward 703.845.6501 jeward@nvcc.edu
Dr. Michael Amey 703.845.6288 mamey@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jill Biden    
Emily Chiles 703.933.3984 echiles@nvcc.edu
Dianne Daily 703.933.3973 ddaily@nvcc.edu
Shonette Grant 703.845.6503 sgrant@nvcc.edu
Rachel Martin 703.575.4709 rrmartin@nvcc.edu
Alexander Purugganan 703.845.6235 apurugganan@nvcc.edu
Dr. Carlos Schroder 703.845.6578 cschroder@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jarrod Waetjen 703.845.6568 jwaetjen@nvcc.edu
Kathleen Wax 703.845.6566 kwax@nvcc.edu
Michael Baker (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mjbaker@nvcc.edu
Karen Brown (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kbrown@nvcc.edu
Robert Brunner (adjunct) 703.845.6047 rbrunner@nvcc.edu
Chaundra Castilla (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ccastilla@nvcc.edu
Margaret Diamond (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mdiamond@nvcc.edu
Gino Diangelo (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gdiangelo@nvcc.edu
Melissa Dienna (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mbrinkmann@nvcc.edu
Rima Fakhry (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rfakhry@nvcc.edu
Diba Hadi (adjunct) dhadi@nvcc.edu
William Hess (adjunct) 703.845.6242 whess@nvcc.edu
Mary Holmes (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mholmes@nvcc.edu
Geeta Kumar (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gkumar@nvcc.edu
William Lord (adjunct) 703.845.6242 wlord@nvcc.edu
Maheesha Mansaray (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mmansaray@nvcc.edu
John Pickett (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jpickett@nvcc.edu
Michael Emmet Rosenfeld (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mrosenfeld@nvcc.edu
Susan Tucker (adjunct) 703.845.6242 stucker@nvcc.edu
Bradley Waltman (adjunct) bwaltman@nvcc.edu
Adrienne Washington (adjunct) 703.845.6242 awashington@nvcc.edu
Rosemarie Wilcox (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rosewilcox@nvcc.edu
English as a Second Language
Name Phone Email
Peter Ruffner 703.845.6565 pruffner@nvcc.edu

Janice Hornyak

703.845.6585 jhornyak@nvcc.edu
Scott Buswell 703.845.6574 sbuswell@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Chan 703.845.6562 echan@nvcc.edu
Janet Giannotti 703.933.3983 jgiannotti@nvcc.edu
John Kinney 703.845.6013 jkinney@nvcc.edu
Dr. Agnes Malicka 703.845.6353 amalicka@nvcc.edu
James Toepper 703.845.6385 jtoepper@nvcc.edu
Ruth Takushi 703.845.6570 rtakushi@nvcc.edu
Mike Waguespack 703.845.6571 mwaguespack@nvcc.edu
Gloria Ward 703.933.3980 gward@nvcc.edu
Tauheeda Yasin 703.845.6579 tyasin@nvcc.edu
Maysoon Almazyed (adjunct) 703.845.6242 malmazyed@nvcc.edu
Tessa Ambridge (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tambridge@nvcc.edu
Brian Anthon (adjunct) 703.845.6242 banthon@nvcc.edu
Aaron Carlson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 acarlson@nvcc.edu
Tracy Chase (adjunct) 703.323.3346 tchase@nvcc.edu
Claire Cirolia (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ccirolia@nvcc.edu
Rima Fakhry (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rfakhry@nvcc.edu
Deanne Foerster (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dfoerster@nvcc.edu
Nancy Foote (adjunct) 703.845.6242 nfoote@nvcc.edu
Leah Gonzalez (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ljgonzalez@nvcc.edu
Carmen Hernan (adjunct) 703.845.6242 chernan@nvcc.edu
Dana Kappler (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dakappler@nvcc.edu
William Kennedy (adjunct) 703.845.6242 wkennedy@nvcc.edu
Beverly Khabo (adjunct) 703.845.6242 bkhabo@nvcc.edu
Robert Lubas (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rlubas@nvcc.edu
Katherine Marshall (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kamarshall@nvcc.edu
Robert Murphy (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rmurphy@nvcc.edu
Georgia Mae Oates (adjunct) 703.845.6242 goates@nvcc.edu
Feryal Nasir (adjunct) 703.845.6242 fnasir@nvcc.edu
Rabia Pervez (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rpervez@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Rasmussen (adjunct) 703.845.6242 erasmussen@nvcc.edu
Thomas Satterwhite (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tsatterwhite@nvcc.edu
Jane Stanga (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jstanga@nvcc.edu
Richard Tucker (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rwtucker@nvcc.edu
Jamie Turnquist (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jturnquist@nvcc.edu
Virginia (Carver) Zullo (adjunct) 703.845.6242 vzullo@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Jack Lechelt 703.933.3970 jlechelt@nvcc.edu
Dr. Melinda Alexander 703.933.5087 malexander@nvcc.edu
David Miller (adjunct) 703.575.4722 damiller@nvcc.edu
Graphic Design (Print, Interactive, Web and Multimedia)
Name Phone Email
Elizabeth (Lisa) Hill 703.933.3958 ehill@nvcc.edu
Gregory Eckler 703.845.6163 geckler@nvcc.edu
Nick Spencer 703.845.6164 nickspencer@nvcc.edu
Angela Terry 703.845.6094 aterry@nvcc.edu
Zac Redden, Instructional Assistant 703.845.6094 zredden@nvcc.edu
Rebekah Hanover-Pettit (adjunct) 703.845.6239 rhanoverpettit@nvcc.edu
Marit Knollmueller (adjunct) 703.845.6239 mknollmueller@nvcc.edu
Rachael Hamm Plett (adjunct) 703.845.6239 rhammplett@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Nicholas Gaffney 703.845.6584 ngaffney@nvcc.edu
Dr. Sue Jean Cho 703.933.3951 scho@nvcc.edu
Dr. Kathleen Fichtel 703.845.6569 kfichtel@nvcc.edu
Dr. Lynette Garrett 703.933.8328 lagarrett@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jimmie McClellan 703.845.6223 jmcclellan@nvcc.edu
Christine Contrada (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ccontrada@nvcc.edu
Glenn Fatzinger (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gfatzinger@nvcc.edu
Kelsey Flynn (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kflynn@nvcc.edu
Deborah Gomez (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dgomez@nvcc.edu
Aneta Lauro (adjunct) 703.845.6242 alauro@nvcc.edu
Daoud Nassimi (adjunct) 703.845.6242 dnassimi@nvcc.edu
Christopher Outlaw (adjunct) 703.845.6242 coutlaw@nvcc.edu
Matthew Pearcy (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mpearcy@nvcc.edu
Matthew Phillips (adjunct) 703.845.6242 mphillips@nvcc.edu
Dennis Skocz (adjunct) 703.845.6242 deskocz@nvcc.edu
Brian Vagts (adjunct) 703.845.6242 bvagts@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jeffrey Weir (adjunct) 703.845.6242 jweir@nvcc.edu
Human Services (Substance Abuse Counseling)
Name Phone Email
Chandell Miller 703.575.4710 cbmiller@nvcc.edu
Kimberley Berlin (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kberlin@nvcc.edu
Joseph Chodkiewicz (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jchodkiewicz@nvcc.edu
John-Mike Nelson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jnelson@nvcc.edu
Joan Normandy-Dolber (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jdolber@nvcc.edu
Information Technology
Name Phone Email
Dr. Teba Aljumaili 703.993.5086 taljumaili@nvcc.edu
Dr. Afsaneh Chamlou 703.845.6552 achamlou@nvcc.edu
Edward Delean 703.845.6141 edelean@nvcc.edu
George Gonchar 703.845.6545 ggonchar@nvcc.edu
Dr. Hatim Hussein 703.933.8335 hshussein@nvcc.edu
Pablo Ibar 703.845.6555 pribar@nvcc.edu
Dr. Margaret Leary 703.845.6549 mleary@nvcc.edu
Ahmad Noor 703.845.6556 anoor@nvcc.edu
Kevin Reed 703.933.3941 kreed@nvcc.edu
Dr. Ali Soleymani 703.845.6544 asoleymani@nvcc.edu
Neal Stenlund 703.845.6331 nstenlund@nvcc.edu
Dr. Steve Ward
703.933.8084 sward@nvcc.edu
Ryan Ammons (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jammons@nvcc.edu
Nasir Ayoub (adjunct) 703.575.4722 nayoub@nvcc.edu
Marouane Balmakhtar (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mbalmakhtar@nvcc.edu
Johnson Chen (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jchen@nvcc.edu
Ponkos Das (adjunct) 703.575.4722 adas@nvcc.edu
Alan Golombek (adjunct) 703.575.4722 agolombek@nvcc.eduu
James Jolley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jjolley@nvcc.edu
Jason McHuen (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jmchuen@nvcc.edu
Walter Okon (adjunct) 703.575.4722 wokon@nvcc.edu
Ahmed Said (adjunct) 703.575.4722 asaid@nvcc.edu
Jamal Said (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jsaid@nvcc.edu
Vincent Sritapan (adjunct) 703.575.4722 vsritapan@nvcc.edu
Joseph Walker (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jwalker@nvcc.edu
Kelly Yamaguchi (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kyamaguchi@nvcc.edu
Ahmad Al-Fakhri (adjunct) 703.575.4722 aalfakhri@nvcc.edu
Mary Slaey (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mslaey@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Joyce McMillan, J.D.
703.845.4601 jmcmillan@nvcc.edu
Kelly Hebron, J.D. 703.845.6277 khebron@nvcc.edu
Melony Ellinger (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mellinger@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Carroll-Foy (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jcarroll@nvcc.edu
Janet Fiorentino (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jfiorentiono@nvcc.edu
Cecilia Galloway (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cgalloway@nvcc.edu
Edneka Haynes (adjunct) 703.575.4722 elhaynes@nvcc.edu
Maureen Meyer (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mmeyer@nvcc.edu
Angela Moore (adjunct) 703.575.4722 amoore@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Jonathan Kolm 703.845.6026 jkolm@nvcc.edu
Lisa Eckstein 703.845.6242 leckstein@nvcc.edu
John Kocur 703.845.8364 jkocur@nvcc.edu
Dr. Mark Whitmire 703.845.6097 mwhitmire@nvcc.edu
Sue Brockman (adjunct, flute) 703.845.6242 sbrockman@nvcc.edu
Cara Cammaroto (adjunct, voice) 703.845.6242 ccammaroto@nvcc.edu
Danielle Cho (adjunct, cello) 703.845.6242 dcho@nvcc.edu
Patrick Cook (adjunct, voice) 703.845.6242 pmcetenor@aol.com
Michael Creadon (adjunct, trumpet) 703.845.6242 mcreadon@nvcc.edu
Eugene D’Andrea (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 edandrea@nvcc.edu
Melissa Dvorak (adjunct, harp) 703.845.6242 mdvorak@nvcc.edu
Chris Galvin (adjunct, guitar) 703.845.6242 cromgalvan@yahoo.com
Rex Gori (adjunct, voice) 703.845.6242 aurelius.gori1@verizon.net
Christine Hagan (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 mhagan@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Hall (adjunct, guitar) 703.845.6242 khall@nvcc.edu
Brian Jones (adjunct, clarinet) 703.845.6242 bdjones@nvcc.edu
Rami Kanaan (adjunct, violin & viola) 703.845.6242 rwkanaan@nvcc.edu
Ja-Hye Koo (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 jkoo@nvcc.edu
Deborah Lloyd (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 dlloyd@nvcc.edu
Jason Lovelace (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 jlovelace@nvcc.edu
Sue Neff (adjunct, oboe) 703.845.6242 spneff@nvcc.edu
Kevin Pace (adjunct, bass) 703.845.6242 kpace@nvcc.edu
Kathy Smith (adjunct, piano) 703.845.6242 kbsmith@nvcc.edu
Political Science
Name Phone Email
Dr. Jack Lechelt 703.933.3970 jlechelt@nvcc.edu
Marius Ratolojanahary (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mratolojanahary@nvcc.edu
Richard Stark Jr. (adjunct) 703.575.4722 rstark@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier  703.933.3969 elanthier@nvcc.edu
Dr. Amy Coren 703.845.6047 acoren@nvcc.edu
Dominique Hubbard 703.933.6575 dhubbard@nvcc.edu
Dr. Carolyn Lorente   703.993.5080 clorente@nvcc.edu
Edward Andrews (adjunct) 703.575.4722 eandrews@nvcc.edu
Dr. Charles Barrett (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cbarrett@nvcc.edu
Dr. Adrian Bruce (adjunct) 703.575.4722 abruce@nvcc.edu
Carlyn Butcher (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cbutcher@nvcc.edu
Matthew Clasen (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mclasen@nvcc.edu
Gerivonni Darden (adjunct) 703.575.4722 gdarden@nvcc.edu
Dr. Andrea Hogarth (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ahogarth@nvcc.edu
Marcella Marcey (adjunct) 703.575.4722 mmarcey@nvcc.edu
Charles Ricker (adjunct) 703.575.4722 cricker@nvcc.edu
Dr. Lauren Simmons (adjunct) 703.575.4722 lksimmons@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jennifer Shultz (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jshultz@nvcc.edu
Jennie Whitlock (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jwhitlock@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Dr. Elizabeth Lanthier  703.933.3969 elanthier@nvcc.edu
Dr. Nicole Hindert 703.845.6577 nhindert@nvcc.edu
Dr. Connie Elsberg (adjunct) 703.575.4722 celsberg@nvcc.edu
Sheri Nayeri (adjunct) 703.575.4722 snayeri@nvcc.edu
Ralph Perrino (adjunct) 703.575.4722 rperrino@nvcc.edu
Arturo Politano (adjunct) 703.575.4722 apolitano@nvcc.edu
Jason Smith (adjunct) 703.575.4722 jassmith@nvcc.edu
World Language
Name Phone Email
Amanda Trostle 703.933.3985 atrostle@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Bull 703.845.6567 ebull@nvcc.edu
Dr. Martha Davis 703.845.6586 mdavis@nvcc.edu
Dr. Laura Franklin 703.845.6325 lfranklin@nvcc.edu
Lama Hamdan 703.933.8372 hlama@nvcc.edu
Dr. Dali Tan 703.933.5078 dtan@nvcc.edu
James Toepper 703.845.6242 jtoepper@nvcc.edu
James Bernhardt (adjunct) 703.845.6214 jabernhardt@nvcc.edu
Camoosha Bell (adjunct) 703.845.6242 cbell@nvcc.edu
Nadya Malago Blackburn (adjunct) 703.845.6242 nmalagoblack@nvcc.edu
Alfred Carter (adjunct) 703.845.6214 ajcarter@nvcc.edu
Simon Contreras (adjunct) 703.845.6242 scontreras@nvcc.edu
Krista Croghan (adjunct) 703.845.6242 kcroghan@nvcc.edu
Genevieve Delfosse (adjunct) 703.845.6242 gdelfosse@nvcc.edu
Dr. Alyssa Falcone (adjunct) 703.845.6242
William Holley (adjunct) 703.845.6242 wholley@nvcc.edu
Esther Kahn (adjunct) 703.845.6242 ekahn@nvcc.edu
Yuriko Miller (adjunct) 703.845.6214 ymiller@nvcc.edu
Victor Oliver (adjunct) 703.845.6214 voliver@nvcc.edu
Robert Olson (adjunct) 703.845.6242 rolson@nvcc.edu
Takako Shigehisa (adjunct) 703.845.6242 tshigehisa@nvcc.edu
Omaia Youssef (adjunct) 703.845.6242 oyoussef@nvcc.edu
Photography and Media
Name Phone Email
Linda (Page) Carr 703.845.6170 lcarr@nvcc.edu
Cristin Hand, Lab Assistant 703.575.4741 chand@nvcc.edu
Robert (Bob) Laubach, Lab Manager 703.845.6287 rlaubach@nvcc.edu
Aya Takashima 703.845.6074 atakashima@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Booth (adjunct) 703.845.6287 sbooth@nvcc.edu
Paul Chapman (adjunct) 703.933.5066 pchapman@nvcc.edu
Amanda Sauer (adjunct) 703.845.6287 asauer@nvcc.edu
Vanessa Vick (adjunct) 703.845.6287 vvick@nvcc.edu
Name Telephone Email
Jen Daniels
Academic Dean
703.323.3184 jdaniels@nvcc.edu
John (Jay) Steere
Associate Dean for ENG and ENG
703.764.5030 jsteere@nvcc.edu
Antonina (Tonia) Rodgers
Associate Dean for ASL, ESL, and WLL
703.425.0736 trodgers@nvcc.edu
Hemchand Gossai
Associate Dean for ECO, GEO, HIS, PLS, PHI, PSY, REL, and SOC
703.323.3042 HGossai@nvcc.edu
Jennifer (Jen) Rainey
Associate Dean for ART, CST, HUM, and MUS
703.764.5034 jrainey@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso 703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu 
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Kamal Hadine (adjunct) 703.323.2138 khadine@nvcc.edu  
Sana Hilmi 703.323.2133 shilmi@nvcc.edu
John Samaha, Jr. (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jsamaha@nvcc.edu
Dr. Cuneyt Simsek (adjunct) 703.323.2138 csimsek@nvcc.edu
Art & Art History
Name Phone Email
Jennifer Rainey 703.764.5034 jrainey@nvcc.edu 
Nancy Minogue
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3114 nlminogue@nvcc.edu
John Aakesson 703.323.3114 jaakesson@nvcc.edu
Bradley Birkhimer 703.323.3114 bbirkhimer@nvcc.edu 
Adam Bradley 703.323.3114 abradley@nvcc.edu
Ivan Castaneda 703.764.7396 icastaneda@nvcc.edu
Susan Cumbey 703.323.3114 scumbey@nvcc.edu
Robert Devers 703.323.3114 rdevers@nvcc.edu 
Michael Dowley 703.323.3114 mdowley@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Fischer 703.323.3114 cfischer@nvcc.edu 
Robert French 703.323.3114 rfrench@nvcc.edu
Jay Matthew Hendrick 703.323.3114 jhendrick@nvcc.edu 
Josef Lustig 703.323.3114 jlustig@nvcc.edu 
Virginia Pates 703.323.3496 vpates@nvcc.edu 
Edward Purcell 703.323.3114 epurcell@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Ramirez 703.323.3114 jramirez@nvcc.edu 
Samantha Sethi 703.323.3114 ssethi@nvcc.edu 
Seo jeong Shin 703.323.3114 sshin@nvcc.edu
Kimberly Southern 703.323.3114 ksouthern@nvcc.edu
Dafna Steinberg 703.323.3114 dsteinberg@nvcc.edu 
Stephanie Thornton-Grant 703.323.6312 sthorntongrant@nvcc.edu
Tammy Tran 703.323.3114 tltran@nvcc.edu 
Dragana Vasiljevic 703.323.3114 dvasiljevic@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
May Ko (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27553 mko@nvcc.edu 
Dr. Shirley Lee 703.323.4104 shlee@nvcc.edu 
Yi Shao Zelibor (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27141 yzelibor@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre
Name Phone Email
Jennifer Rainey 703.764.5034 jrainey@nvcc.edu
Jeff Sager
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3107 jssager@nvcc.edu
Theresa Anderson 703.323.3107 tanderson@nvcc.edu 
Troy Bogino 703.323.3107 tbogino@nvcc.edu
Aaron Bohn 703.764.2344 abohn@nvcc.edu 
Susan Cappellari 703.323.3107 scappellari@nvcc.edu
Melissa Chabot 703.323.7782 mchabot@nvcc.edu
Sarah Crist 703.323.3107 scrist@nvcc.edu
Ken Darensbourg 703.425.5638 kdarensbourg@nvcc.edu
Terrence Doyle 703.323.3107 tdoyle@nvcc.edu
Dennis Dulmage 703.323.3107 ddulmage@nvcc.edu
Amy Fisher 703.323.3107 alfisher@nvcc.edu 
Michelle Happer 703.323.3107 mhapper@nvcc.edu
Jenny Hodges 703.323.3107 jhodges@nvcc.edu
Savreen Hundal 703.323.3107 shundal@nvcc.edu 
Gulgun Karamete 703.323.3107 gkaramete@nvcc.edu 
Peter Kent 703.323.3107 pkent@nvcc.edu
Daniel Lanham 703.323.3107 dlanham@nvcc.edu 
Thomas Morra 703.323.3136 tmorra@nvcc.edu
Suzanne Neff 703.323.4249 sneff@nvcc.edu
Nan Peck 703.323.4140 npeck@nvcc.edu
Jenai Rasmussen 703.323.3107 jrasmussen@nvcc.edu
Emily Salazar 703.323.3107 esalazar@nvcc.edu
Lance Schmeidler 703.323.3107 lschmeidler@nvcc.edu
Wendi Slagle 703.323.3107 wslagle@nvcc.edu
Amy Futch Swisher 703.323.3107 aswisher@nvcc.edu 
Don Taylor 703.323.3107 rdtaylor@nvcc.edu 
Philip Tirpak 703.323.3479 ptirpak@nvcc.edu 
Megan Tucker 703.323.3107 mtucker@nvcc.edu
Rebecca Walter 703.323.3107 rwalter@nvcc.edu 
Sara Weinstock 703.323.3107 sweinstock@nvcc.edu 
Kristen Willett 703.323.3107 kwillett@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Manthrigae Jayatilake
703.323.2154 mjayatilake@nvcc.edu 
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu 
John Ahmad 703.323.3858 jahmad@nvcc.edu
Malek Atef 703.323.3246 matef@nvcc.edu 
Dennis Bradshaw 703.323.3246 dbradshaw@nvcc.edu
Jehanzeb Cheema 703.323.3246 jcheema@nvcc.edu 
Ronald Earley 703.323.3246 rearley@nvcc.edu
Michael Heslop 703.323.3254 mgheslop@nvcc.edu
Julie Love 703.323.3246 jlove@nvcc.edu
Clinton McCully 703.323.3246 cmccully@nvcc.edu
Tuba Ozer-Gurbuz 703.323.3246 tozergurbuz@nvcc.edu 
Kiet Quach 703.323.3468 kquach@nvcc.edu
Casey Ross 703.323.3246 cross@nvcc.edu
Jose Rodriguez Solis 703.323.3237 jrodriguezso@nvcc.edu
Rashida Rowther 703.323.3239 rrowther@nvcc.edu
Sushma Shukla 703.323.3246 sushukla@nvcc.edu
Ian Taylor 703.323.3246 itaylor@nvcc.edu
Nilka Varela 703.323.3246 nvarela@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Jeff Sager
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3107 jssager@nvcc.edu
Ashley Mason Wilkins 703.323.3107 amwilkins@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Jean DuBro
703.323.3080 jdubro@nvcc.edu
Jay Steere
703.764.5030 jsteere@nvcc.edu 
Mary Atkins
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3193 matkins@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant, Adjunct Faculty
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Faith Acker (adjunct) facker@nvcc.edu 
Carrie Addington (adjunct) 703.323.2138 caddington@nvcc.edu
Kristin Balbuena (adjunct) kbalbuena@nvcc.edu 
Joshua Barton (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jbarton@nvcc.edu 
Benjamin Bever (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bbever@nvcc.edu
Cheryl Binkley (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cbinkley@nvcc.edu
Brandon Biller (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bbiller@nvcc.edu
Melissa Bruce (adjunct) mbruce@nvcc.edu 
Lynda Buksar (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bbuksar@nvcc.edu
Rachael Burke (adjunct) 703.323.2138 rburke@nvcc.edu
Liona Burnham(adjunct) 703.323.3193 lburnham@nvcc.edu
Megan Bushar(adjunct) 703.323.2138 mbushar@nvcc.edu
Frank Carbo (adjunct) 703.323.2138 fcarbo@nvcc.edu
Pamela Casey (adjunct) 703.323.2138 pcasey@nvcc.edu
Adam Chiles 703.323.3204 acchiles@nvcc.edu 
Christopher Clements (adjunct) cclements@nvcc.edu 
Gwendolyn Connelly (adjunct) 703.323.2138 gconnelly@nvcc.edu
Patricia Deavers (Emerita) 703.232.2138 pdeavers@nvcc.edu
Paul Fauteux (adjunct) 703.323.2138 pfateaux@nvcc.edu
Susanna Ferrara 703.323.3461 sferrara@nvcc.edu
Maria Fidler (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mfidler@nvcc.edu
Patrice Fleck 703.323.3775 pfleck@nvcc.edu
Amy Flessert 703.425.5935 aflessert@nvcc.edu
Jane Friedmann 703.323.3774 jfriedmann@nvcc.edu
Michelle Gaffey (adjunct) mgaffey@nvcc.edu 
Catherine Gaiser 703.323.2138 cgaiser@nvcc.edu
Alexander Glass (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aglass@nvcc.edu
Kellie Gray (adjunct) 703.323.2138 kmgray@nvcc.edu
Randa Gray 703.323.3848 rgray@nvcc.edu
Christina Greico (adjunct) cgreico@nvcc.edu 
Konstantin Gulish (adjunct) 703.323.2138 kgulish@nvcc.edu 
Rima Gulshan 703.323.3158 rgulshan@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Harlan 703.323.3299 eharlan@nvcc.edu
Yuemin He 703.323.2141 yhe@nvcc.edu
Christopher Heuer (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cheuer@nvcc.edu 
Jennifer Hitchcock (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jhitchcock@nvcc.edu 
Bruce Holmes (adjunct) 703.323.2138 bholmes@nvcc.edu
Sarah Jacobson 703.323.3166 sajacobson@nvcc.edu
Julia Jarvis (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jjarvis@nvcc.edu
Alexandra Jones (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aljones@nvcc.edu
Chris Kervina 703.323.3047 ckervina@nvcc.edu
Kenneth Kirk(adjunct) 703.323.2138 kkirk@nvcc.edu
Trish Kurban 703.764.5029 tkurban@nvcc.edu
Karen Kusterer 703.323.3171 kkusterer@nvcc.edu
Leslie Lass (adjunct) 703.323.2138 llass@nvcc.edu
Antares Leask (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aleask@nvcc.edu
Lisa Leibow (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lleibow@nvcc.edu
Steven Lessner 703.323.2152 slessner@nvcc.edu
John C. Mahan jmahan@nvcc.edu 
Leigha McReynolds (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lmcreynolds@nvcc.edu
Nigel Medhurst (adjunct) 703.323.2138 nmedhurst@nvcc.edu
Ryan Meyer (adjunct) 703.323.2138 rmeyer@nvcc.edu
Emily Miller (adjunct) 703.323.2138 exmiller@nvcc.edu
Ian Miller (adjunct) 703.323.2138 imiller@nvcc.edu
Catrina Mitchem (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cmitchem@nvcc.edu
Gary Morris (adjunct) gmorris@nvcc.edu 
Jill Mowbray (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jmowbray@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Nardacci 703.323.4325 jnardacci@nvcc.edu 
Duane Nystrom (adjunct) dnystrom@nvcc.edu 
Katherine Nutt(adjunct) 703.323.2138 knutt@nvcc.edu
Kate O'Leary (adjunct) 703.323.2138 koleary@nvcc.edu
Raymond Orkwis 703.323.2101 rorkwis@nvcc.edu
Chvonne Parker (adjunct) 703.323.2138 clparker@nvcc.edu
Thomas Perrino (adjunct) 703.323.2138 tperrino@nvcc.edu
Bryan Peters 703.425.5192 bpeters@nvcc.edu
Christopher Petrus (adjunct) 703.323.2138 cpetrus@nvcc.edu
Justin Pilla (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jpilla@nvcc.edu
Matthew Piotrowski (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mpiotrowski@nvcc.edu
Janet Ha Poirot (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jhapoirot@nvcc.edu
LeAnn Regan (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lregan@nvcc.edu
John Robertson (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jrobertson@nvcc.edu
Eric Rogusky (adjunct) 703.323.2138 erogusky@nvcc.edu 
Arthur Schuhart
703.323.3462 aschuhart@nvcc.edu
William Schutz 703.323.3825 wschutz@nvcc.edu
Sophia Sexton 703.323.3193 ssexton@nvcc.edu
Stefanie Shipe 703.323.3103 sshipe@nvcc.edu
Memuna Sillah 703.323.3876 msillah@nvcc.edu
Cynthia Smith (adjunct) 703.323.2138 crsmith@nvcc.edu
Cheri Spiegel 703.323.4212 cspiegel@nvcc.edu
Joseph Sullivan (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jwsullivan@nvcc.edu
Hollis Summers (adjunct) 703.323.2138 hsummers@nvcc.edu
Lori Swanberg (adjunct) 703.323.2138 lswanberg@nvcc.edu
Javonna Thompson (adjunct) jthompson@nvcc.edu 
Michelle Tolbert (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mtolbert@nvcc.edu
Nicole Tong 703.323.2142 ntong@nvcc.edu
Sara Weinstock (adjunct) 703.323.2138 sweinstock@nvcc.edu
Christina Wells 703.323.3206 cwells@nvcc.edu
L. Wessely-Baldwin lwesselybaldwin@nvcc.edu 
Karlys V. White 703.323.3354 kvwhite@nvcc.edu
Barbara Wilan (Emerita) 703.323.2138 bwilan@nvcc.edu
Richard Wilan (Emeritus) (adjunct) 703.323.2138 rwilan@nvcc.edu
English as a Second Language
Name Phone Email
Nataliya Schetchikova
703.323.2023 nschetchikova@nvcc.edu
Nasrin Naziri
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3291 nhnaziri@nvcc.edu 
Cheri Bridgeforth 703.323.2147 cbridgeforth@nvcc.edu
Veronica Campos (adjunct) 703.323.3291 vcampos@nvcc.edu
Mary Charleza
703.323.2124 mcharleza@nvcc.edu 
Pamela Creed (adjunct) 703.323.3291 pcreed@nvcc.edu
Deanna D'Arcy (adjunct) 703.323.3291 ddarcy@nvcc.edu
Krisztina Domjan (adjunct) 703.323.3291 kdomjan@nvcc.edu
Nooria Faryar (adjunct) 703.323.3291 nfaryar@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Gollobin (adjunct) 703.323.3291 sgollobin@nvcc.edu
Diane Hixson (adjunct) 703.323.3291 dhixson@nvcc.edu
Steven Hoyle (adjunct) 703.323.3291 shoyle@nvcc.edu
Peggy G. Hrolenok (adjunct) 703.323.3291 hrolenok@nvcc.edu
Yu Hui (Grace) Hwang 703.323.4213 yhwang@nvcc.edu
Carol Ischinger 703.323.2130 cischinger@nvcc.edu
Dalal Jones (adjunct) 703.323.3291 djones@nvcc.edu
Valerie Jones-Washington (adjunct) 703.323.3291 vjones@nvcc.edu
Uma Kapila (adjunct) 703.323.3291 ukapila@nvcc.edu
Nasim Khawaja 703.323.3702 nkhawaja@nvcc.edu 
Christopher Ladd (adjunct) 703.323.3291 cladd@nvcc.edu
Shirley X. Lee 703.323.4104 shlee@nvcc.edu
Stefan Lewis 703.323.3355 stlewis1@nvcc.edu
Shahnaz Masumi 703.323.3291 smasumi@nvcc.edu 
Beata McBride (adjunct) 703.323.3291 bmcbride@nvcc.edu
Christine McMorrow (adjunct) 703.323.3291 cmcmorrow@nvcc.edu
Linda Millington 703.323.2138 lmillington@nvcc.edu
Rupali Mukherjee (adjunct) rmukherjee@nvcc.edu 
Karen Murph 703.323.3105 kmurph@nvcc.edu 
Nic Nicastri 703.323.3441 rnicastri@nvcc.edu
Denise Norwood (adjunct) 703.323.3291 dnorwood@nvcc.edu
Shirley Nuhn (adjunct) 703.323.3291 snuhn@nvcc.edu
Marjorie Wilma Parker
703.323.3182 maparker@nvcc.edu
Ramon Perez 703.323.3443 rperez@nvcc.edu
Sonia Slavtcheva (adjunct) 703.323.3291 sslavtcheva@nvcc.edu
Hayib Sosseh 703.323.3343 hsosseh@nvcc.edu
Jennifer Stawasz (adjunct) 703.323.3291 jstawasz@nvcc.edu
Carole Thurston 703.323.3442 cthurston@nvcc.edu
Tildon Turner 703.323.3269 tturner@nvcc.edu
Karen Van Horn 703.323.2148 kvanhorn@nvcc.edu
Elizabeth Whisnant (adjunct) 703.323.3291 ewhisnant@nvcc.edu
Cecelia Wiltshire (Emerita) 703.323.3291 cwiltshire@nvcc.edu
Joel Wiskin (adjunct) 703.323.3291 jwiskin@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Annette Borges (adjunct) 703.323.2138 aborges@nvcc.edu
Chloe Hayden (adjunct) 703.323.2138 chayden@nvcc.edu 
Linda Johnsen (adjunct) 703.323.2138 ljohnsen@nvcc.edu 
Gina Masterson (adjunct) 703.323.2138 gmasterson@nvcc.edu  
Joan McCarty (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jmccarty@nvcc.edu 
Marie-Jayne Strauss (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mstrauss@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Erica Smith
703.323.3570 ersmith@nvcc.edu 
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
David Miller 703.323.3246 damiller@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Erica Smith
703.323.3570 ersmith@nvcc.edu 
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
David Miller 703.323.3246 damiller@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Susan Thompson
703.323.3235 spthompson@nvcc.edu
Nancy Minogue
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3114 nlminogue@nvcc.edu
Brian M. Howells Jr.  703.323.3114 bhowells@nvcc.edu 
Nancy Jacobson 703.323.3114 njacobson@nvcc.edu 
Andrea Maunz 703.323.3114 amaunz@nvcc.edu 
Christopher McNeill 703.323.3114 cmcneill@nvcc.edu
John O'Toole 703.323.3114 jotoole@nvcc.edu 
Beverly Pittman 703.323.3231 bdpittman@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Rashmi Chilka
703.323.3897 rchilka@nvcc.edu
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Peter Beeman 703.323.3260/46 pbeeman@nvcc.edu
David Bobbitt 703.323.3260/46 dbobbitt@nvcc.edu
Nicholas Bomba 703.323.3372 nbomba@nvcc.edu
Jefferson Byrd 703.323.3246 jbyrd@nvcc.edu 
Alan Capps 703.323.3246 acapps@nvcc.edu 
Frank Cerutti 703.323.3260/46 fcerutti@nvcc.edu
Noah Cincinnati 703.323.3238 ncincinnati@nvcc.edu 
Thomas Cogliano 703.323.3260/46 tcogliano@nvcc.edu
Jessica Dvorshak 703.323.3260/46 jdvorshak@nvcc.edu 
Nathaniel Green 703.323.3244 ncgreen@nvcc.edu 
Jeffrey Hampson 703.323.3246 jhampson@nvcc.edu 
Richard Harless 703.323.3246 rharless@nvcc.edu 
Roger Hill 703.323.3246 rhill@nvcc.edu
Timothy Hudenburg 703.323.3260/46 thudenburg@nvcc.edu 
Joseph Michael Kozier 703.323.3246 jkozier@nvcc.edu 
Dennis Lienau 703.323.3260/46 dlienau@nvcc.edu
Susan Llewellyn 703.323.3260/46 sllewellyn@nvcc.edu
Nathan Howell Moore 703.323.3246 nhmoore@nvcc.edu 
Margaret Reed 703.323.3260/46 mreed@nvcc.edu
Lloyd Reitnauer 703.323.3260/46 lreitnauer@nvcc.edu
Michelle Mary Rief 703.323.3246 mrief@nvcc.edu 
Eric Rozenman 703.323.3246 erozenman@nvcc.edu 
Thomas Rushford 703.323.3304 trushford@nvcc.edu 
Ruma Salhi 703.764.5050 rsalhi@nvcc.edu
Stephen Matthew Santelli 703.323.3246 ssantelli@nvcc.edu 
John Schmitz 703.323.3821 jschmitz@nvcc.edu
Albert Thompson Jr. 703.323.3260/46 athompson@nvcc.edu 
Patricia Tillman 703.323.3260/46
Tracey Vandernaald 703.323.3260/46 tvandernaald@nvcc.edu 
Jennifer Winters 703.323.5932 jwinters@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Erica Smith
703.323.3082 ersmith@nvcc.edu 
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Ivan Castaneda 703.764.7396 icastaneda@nvcc.edu
Lisa Kenna 703.323.3246 lkenna@nvcc.edu
Stephen Santelli 703.323.3246 ssantelli@nvcc.edu 
Laurie Wessely-Baldwin 703.323.3246 lwesselybaldwin@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso 703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu 
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Dr. Amy Franks (adjunct) 703.323.2138 afranks@nvcc.edu
Moyo Johnson (adjunct) 703.323.2138 mmjohnson@nvcc.edu
Michiko Saito Kobayashi (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27206 mkobayashi@nvcc.edu
Rika Seya (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27194 rseya@nvcc.edu
Kyoko Yada-Horner (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27279 kyadahorner@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso
703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu 
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Dr. Yunkyoung Kang (adjunct) 703.323.2138 ykang@nvcc.edu 
Dr. Jihye Moon (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jmoon@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Jennifer Rainey
703.764.5034 jrainey@nvcc.edu 
Nancy Minogue
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3114 nlminogue@nvcc.edu
Jonathan Van Caudill 703.323.3114 jvcaudill@nvcc.edu 
Glenn, Dewey 703.323.3114 gdewey@nvcc.edu 
James Fay 703.323.3177 jfay@nvcc.edu
Julie Hahn 703.323.3114 jhahn@nvcc.edu 
Matthew Halligan 703.323.3114
Rosemarie Houghton 703.323.3114 rhoughton@nvcc.edu 
Christopher Johnston 703.323.3114
Edward Kapusciarz 703.323.3114 ekapusciarz@nvcc.edu 
Suhn-hee Kim 703.323.3114 skim@nvcc.edu 
Larry LeMaster 703.323.3114 llemaster@nvcc.edu 
Margaret McNulty 703.323.3114 mmcnulty@nvcc.edu 
Dimitar Naumoff 703.323.3114 dnaumoff@nvcc.edu
Su Zan Park 703.323.3114 spark@nvcc.edu 
Eun-Ah Roh 703.323.3114 eroh@nvcc.edu 
Mila Roushakes 703.323.3114 mroushakes@nvcc.edu 
Taimoor Saeedi 703.323.3114 tsaeedi@nvcc.edu
Herb Smith 703.323.3094 hesmith@nvcc.edu
John Clifford Wright 703.323.3114 jcwright@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Erica Smith
703.323.3570 ersmith@nvcc.edu
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Abdelkader Aoudjit 703.323.3246 aaoudjit@nvcc.edu
John Horigan 703.323.3246 jhorigan@nvcc.edu
John McGuinness 703.323.3246 jmcguinness@nvcc.edu
Rafayel Seyranyan 703.323.3246 rseyranyan@nvcc.edu
Steven Stakland 703.323.3356 sstakland@nvcc.edu 
Physical Education
Name Phone Email
Susan Thompson
703.323.3235 spthompson@nvcc.edu
Nancy Minogue
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3114 nlminogue@nvcc.edu
Gamal Aboshadi 703.323.3114 gaaboshadi@nvcc.edu
Christine Camillo 703.323.3114 ccamillo@nvcc.edu 
Tesha Crockett 703.323.3114 tcrockett@nvcc.edu
Elaine Foggan-Rupp 703.323.3114 efogganrupp@nvcc.edu
Gail Freedman 703.323.3114
Alan Golombek 703.323.3114 agolombek@nvcc.edu 
Brian Howells, Jr. 703.323.3114 bhowells@nvcc.edu 
Nancy Jacobson 703.323.3114 njacobson@nvcc.edu 
Juanita Kuntz 703.323.3114 jkuntz@nvcc.edu 
Christopher McNeill 703.323.3114 cmcneill@nvcc.edu 
John Meeks 703.323.3114 jmeeks@nvcc.edu
Stephen Mrowka 703.323.3114 smrowka@nvcc.edu 
Beverly Pittman 703.323.3321 bdpittman@nvcc.edu 
Elizabeth Spatz 703.323.3114 espatz@nvcc.edu
Susan Thompson 703.323.3114 spthompson@nvcc.edu 
Laurae, Upchurch 703.323.3114 lupchurch@nvcc.edu 
Political Science
Name Phone Email
Rashmi Chilka
703.323.3897 rchilka@nvcc.edu
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Arus Harutyunyan 703.323.3260/46 aharutyunyan@nvcc.edu
Gabriel Hudson 703.323.3260/46 ghudson@nvcc.edu 
Brian Jones 703.323.33260/46 bdjones@nvcc.edu
Scott Racek 703.323.3246 sracek@nvcc.edu 
Mark Royce 703.323.3260/46 mroyce@nvcc.edu 
Jennifer Sayasithsena 703.323.3216 jsayasithsena@nvcc.edu
Erin Wigginton 703.323.3246 ewigginton@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Pamela Stewart
703.323.3403 pstewart@nvcc.edu
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Charles Barrett 703.323.3246 cbarrett@nvcc.edu 
Shana Lee Bui 703.323.3246 sbui@nvcc.edu 
Deanna DeGidio 703.323.3262 ddegidio@nvcc.edu
Richard Green 703.323.3260/46 rgreen@nvcc.edu
Karen Livesey 703.323.3260/46 klivesey@nvcc.edu 
Kathy Lloyd 703.323.3352 klloyd@nvcc.edu 
Jason McBeth 703.323.3260/46 jmcbeth@nvcc.edu
Hugh McIntosh 703.323.3260/46 hmcintosh@nvcc.edu
Kavita Mirchandani 703.323.3246 kmirchandani@nvcc.edu 
Glenora Nelson 703.323.3260/46 gnelson@nvcc.edu 
Joan Passino 703.323.3271 jpassino@nvcc.edu
Eric Shiraev 703.323.2155 eshiraev@nvcc.edu 
Diane Tuininga 703.323.3260/46 dtuininga@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Erica Smith
703.323.3570 ersmith@nvcc.edu
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Matthew D. Moore 703.323.3246 mamoore@nvcc.edu
Daoud Nassimi 703.323.3246 dnassimi@nvcc.edu 
Ann Stegner 703.323.3261 awertman@nvcc.edu 
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso 703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Dr. Jesse Menefee (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jmenefee@nvcc.edu
Dr. Evgeny Pareshnev (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27214 epareshnev@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Erica Smith
703.323.3570 ersmith@nvcc.edu
Susan McGinnis
Administrative Assistant
703.323.3246 smcginnis@nvcc.edu
Chanda Cook 703.323.3246 crcook@nvcc.edu
Samuel Dunlap 703.323.3246 sdunlap@nvcc.edu 
John Ehle, Jr. 703.323.3246 jehle@nvcc.edu 
Karen Guillory 703.323.3246 kguillory@nvcc.edu
Mustafa Gurbuz 703.323.3246 mgurbuz@nvcc.edu 
Ann Johnson 703.323.3246 amjohnson@nvcc.edu 
Carol Mason 703.323.3246 cmason@nvcc.edu 
Arturo Politano 703.323.3246 apolitano@nvcc.edu 
Zahra Seif-Amirhosseini Rafie 703.323.4068 zrafie@nvcc.edu 
Randall Salm 703.323.3246 rsalm@nvcc.edu 
Mary Satian 703.323.3246 mwsatian@nvcc.edu 
William Stewart 703.323.3246 wstewart@nvcc.edu
Name Phone Email
Ana Alonso 703.323.3485 aalonso@nvcc.edu 
Leslie Czaplicki
Administrative Assistant
703.323.2138 lczaplicki@nvcc.edu
Annette Borges (adjunct) 703.323.2138


Marichu Bucelli (adjunct)


Alfred Carter (adjunct) 703.323.2138


Ana Burke 703.323.2128 aburke@nvcc.edu
Dr. Alicia Falzon 703.323.2129 afalzon@nvcc.edu 
Ligia Glass (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27353 lglass@nvcc.edu
Marie Horbaly (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27021 mhorbaly@nvcc.edu
Rosalila Mastriano (adjunct) 703.323.2138 rmastriano@nvcc.edu 
Delia Muñoz (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27357 dmunoz@nvcc.edu
Dr. Marian Quintana (adjunct) 703.232.2138 mquintana@nvcc.edu 
Jeannine Rosado (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jrosado@nvcc.edu
Dr. Julia Ruiz-Ross (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jruizross@nvcc.edu 
Susan Southworth (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27052 ssouthworth@nvcc.edu
Jean Yates (adjunct) 703.323.2138 jyates@nvcc.edu 
Su Jin Yon (adjunct) 703.323.2000 x27062 syon@nvcc.edu

Division Office 

Name Title Office Email Phone
Dr. Katherine Hitchcock Dean LR 304 khitchcock@nvcc.edu  703.450.2505
Lisa Stelle Assistant Dean, Languages LR 305 lstelle@nvcc.edu  703.450.2529
Saleha Bholat  Assistant Dean,  Arts LR 308 sbholat@nvcc.edu  703.450.2515
Dr. Tiffany Blackmon Assistant Dean, Social Studies  LR 307 tblackmon@nvcc.edu  703.450.7320
Beverly Ellerbe Office Manager LR 304 bellerbe@nvcc.edu  703.450.2505
Nancy Ferguson Office Services Specialist  LR 304 nferguson@nvcc.edu  703.450.2505
Elsy Pineda de Giron Office Services Specialist  LR 304 elpinedadegiron@nvcc.edu 703.450.2505


Department  Name Faculty Rank Office Email
Art Donald Depuydt Professor  LW 315 ddepuydt@nvcc.edu
Art Jennifer Noone Assistant Professor LW 315 jnoone@nvcc.edu
Art History Lucy Weber  Instructor  LW 315 lwebster@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Amy Hileman Assistant Professor SH 150-2 ahileman@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Dr. Carolyn Hurley Associate Professor HEC 218-E churley@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Susan Idziak Assistant Professor Reston 324-F sidziak@nvcc.edu 
Communication Studies & Theatre Josh Pachter Instructor  HEC 204-A jpatcher@nvcc.edu 
Early Childhood Development Susan Johnson Associate Professor SH 150-3 sjohnson@nvcc.edu 
Economics Dr. Gbago Creppy Professor  SH 116 gcreepy@nvcc.edu 
Economics Michael Polcen  Associate Professor HEC 218-B mpolcen@nvcc.edu 
English Holly Abbe Instructor  SH 150-1 habbe@nvcc.edu 
English Catherine Chaney Assistant Professor LC 220 cchaney@nvcc.edu 
English Stephen Clarke Assistant Professor SH 124 sclarke@nvcc.edu 
English Jeremy Cook Associate Professor SH 126 jcook@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Karen Doheney Associate Professor SH 150-6 kdoheney@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Frances Gray Associate Professor HEC 218-F fgray@nvcc.edu 
English Heather Jeddy Instructor  LC 234 hjeddy@nvcc.edu 
English Nathan Laslie Professor  LC 314 nleslie@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Deborah Naquin Professor  LC 228 dnaquin@nvcc.edu 
English Dr. Meena Nayak Professor  LC322 mnayak@nvcc.edu 
English Bridget Pool Associate Professor LC 324 bpool@nvcc.edu 
English Meredith Reynolds Associate Professor SH 150-1 mr-eynolds@nvcc.edu 
English Stacy Eldridge Instructor  SH 124 seldridge@nvcc.edu 
English Michele Rivera  Associate Professor HEC 218-1 mrivera@nvcc.edu 
English Robyn Russo Associate Professor LC 316 rrusso@nvcc.edu 
English Laura Young Associate Professor LC 224 lsyoung1@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language W. Riley Holzberlein Associate Professor Reston 324-E rholzberlein@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language Justin Hvitfeldt-Matthews Instructor  SH 150-8 jhmattews@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language Kristen Paphitis Instructor  SH-150-4 kpaphitis@nvcc.edu 
English as a Second Language Christopher Soholt Instructor  SH 126 csoholt@nvcc.edu 
Geographic Information Systems  Dr. Michael Harman  Assistant Professor HEC 218-D mharman@nvcc.edu 
Geography Dr. Barbara Crain Associate Professor LC 326 bcrain@nvcc.edu 
Graphic Design Jacqueline Gage Associate Professor LW 315 jgage@nvcc.edu 
Graphic Design Dwayne Treadway Assistant Professor LW 315 dtreadway@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Douglas Campbell Professor  LC 320 docampbell@nvcc.edu 
History Stephanie Campbell Instructor  SH 150-11 scampbell@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Alton Carroll Associate Professor HEC 316-G acarroll@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Marc Dluger Associate Professor SH 150-9 mdluger@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. Charles Evans  Professor  SH 131 cevans@nvcc.edu 
History John Kincheloe Associate Professor HEC 316-A lkincheloe@nvcc.edu 
History Dr. David Porter Professor  HEC 218-C  dporter@nvcc.edu 
Interior Design Lisa Fitzpatrick  Assistant Professor LW 313 lfitzpatrick@nvcc.edu  
Interior Design Kristine Winner Associate Professor LW 313 kwinner@nvcc.edu 
Music Dr. John Wulff Professor  LC 232 jwulff@nvcc.edu 
Music Recording Technology  Sanjay Mishra Associate Professor HEC 110-D smishra@nvcc.edu 
Political Science Jill Mckee Instructor  SH 119 jmckee@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Ramezan Dowlati Professor  HEC 218-A rdowlati@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Natasha Foiurquet Associate Professor SH 150-2 nfourquet@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Rosalyn King Professor  LC 314 rking@nvcc.edu 
Psychology Dr. Georgeana Stratton Professor  SH 116 gstartton@nvcc.edu  
Sociology Dr. Nelson Kofie Associate Professor LC 222 nkofie@nvcc.edu 
Sociology Dr. Tymura McHellen Associate Professor SH 150-6 tmechellen@nvcc.edu 
Spanish  Christopher Blake  Assistant Professor HEC 218-J cblake@nvcc.edu 


Name Telephone Email
Dr. Evette Hyder-Davis
Academic Dean
703.257.6687 ehyderdavis@nvcc.edu
Ana Alonso
Associate Dean for CST, ENF, ENG, ESL, and WLL
703.530.8294 aalonso@nvcc.edu
Dr. Donna Minnich
Associate Dean for ART, CHD, ECO, EDU, GEO, HIS, HUM, MUS, PHI, PLS, REL, PSY, and SOC
703.257.6616 dminnich@nvcc.edu
Faculty and Staff
Name Phone Email Discipline
Gray, Loretta  703.257.6685 lgray@nvcc.edu  
McCoy-Finch, Janis 703.530.2830 jmccoy-finch@nvcc.edu  
Al-Tahrawi, Khalil    703.530.8296   kaltahrawi@nvcc.edu Arabic
Lash, Dr. Barbara 703.257.6657 blash@nvcc.edu Arts
Gallick-Silverstein, Rosemary 703.530.3502 rgallick@nvcc.edu Arts
Pinney, Matthew 703.530.3511 mpinney@nvcc.edu Arts
Korn, Dr. Charles 703.257.6697 ckorn@nvcc.edu Communication Studies
O'Sullivan, Kathryn 703.257.6595 kosullivan@nvcc.edu Communication Studies/Theatre
Vick, Elizabeth (Libby) 703.530.8250 evick@nvcc.edu Communication Studies
Ludlow, Dr. Kathleen 703.257.6586 kludlow@nvcc.edu Early Childhood Education, Program Head
Mayfield, Bernice 703.530.3501 bmayfield@nvcc.edu Early Childhood Education
Ryan, Maryellen 703.530.2891 maryan@nvcc.edu Economics
Warnick, Dr. Ashlie 703.530.3523 awarnick@nvcc.edu
Wilkins, Ashley 703.530.3530 awilkins@nvcc.edu Education (Teacher), Program Head
Callahan, Kathleen   703.257.6656 kcallahan@nvcc.edu English
Casal, Dr. Laura 703.257.6692 lcasal@nvcc.edu English
Ciarniello, Philip 703.257.8291 pciarniello@nvcc.edu English
Givens, Dr. Susan 703.257.6673 sgivens@nvcc.edu English/ENF
Harvey, Dr. Jonathan 703.530.8275 jharvey@nvcc.edu English
Jean-Baptiste, Chalet 703.730.2820 cjbaptiste@nvcc.edu English
Kervina, Christine 703.257.6686 ckervina@nvcc.edu English
Kuhta, Dr. Anne 703.257.6694 akuhta@nvcc.edu English
Stewart, Dr. Ruth 703.257.6691 rstewart@nvcc.edu English
Usher, Kelly 703.530.2821 kusher@nvcc.edu ENF/CHD
Woodard, William (Bill) 703.257.6594 wwoodard@nvcc.edu English as a Second Language
George, Elaine 703.530.8258    egeorge@nvcc.edu English as a Second Language
Lekakis, George 703.530.3508 glekakis@nvcc.edu English as a Second Language
Gildersleeve, Dr. Royce 703.257.6683 rgildersleeve@nvcc.edu History
Harris-Scott, Rebecca (Pearl) 703-530-3503 rharrisscott@nvcc.edu History
Tucker, Alicia 703.257.6696 atucker@nvcc.edu History
Dyrud, Dr. Mocha 703.257.6537 mdyrud@nvcc.edu Psychology
Gunnarson, Dr. Sarah 703.530.8273 sgunnarson@nvcc.edu Psychology
Hafen, Dr. Christopher 703-530-3509 chafen@nvcc.edu Psychology
Kemp, William   wkemp@nvcc.edu Psychology
Sparks-Early, Cristina 703.257.6504 csparks@nvcc.edu Spanish
Name Phone Email
David Epstein
Academic Dean
703.878.5718 depstein@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Harm
Associate Dean for ENF, ENG, ESL and WL
703.878.5715 sharm@nvcc.edu
Dr. Christopher (Chris) Arra
Associate Dean for ART, CST, ECO, HIS, MUS, HUM, EDU, PHT, PHI, PSY, REL and SOC
703.878.5710 carra@nvcc.edu
Faculty and Staff
Name Phone Email Discipline
Maddie Coradin 703.878.5718 mcoradin@nvcc.edu Office Manager 
Lori Engel 703.878.5710 lengel@nvcc.edu Administrative Assistant
Georgette Harris 703.878.5715 gsharris@nvcc.edu Administrative Assistant
Dr. Khalil Al-Tahrawi 703.878.6109 kaltahrawi@nvcc.edu Arabic
Dr. Erin Devine 703.878.4562 edevine@nvcc.edu Art
Zac Jackson 703.878.6113 zjackson@nvcc.edu Art
Dr. Elizabeth Lynch 703.878.4595 elynch@nvcc.edu Art
Fred Markham 703.878.5793 fmarkham@nvcc.edu Art
Dr. Bryan Brown 703.878.5665 babrown@nvcc.edu Cinema
Chris Stallings 703.878.6176 cstallings@nvcc.edu Cinema
Monifa Hamilton 703.878.6175 mhamilton@nvcc.edu CST
Cedric Howard 703.878.4610 choward@nvcc.edu CST
Jenny Lopez 703.878.6115 jclopez@nvcc.edu CST
Dr. Tamara Warren-Chinyani 703.878.6130 twchinyani@nvcc.edu CST
Bipin Khana 703.878.5644 bkhana@nvcc.edu Economics
Jerry Newsome 703.878.5641 jnewsome@nvcc.edu Economics
Denise Bausch 703.878.5663 dbausch@nvcc.edu English
Robert Bausch 703.878.5664 rbausch@nvcc.edu English
Kelly Cochran-Yzquierdo 703.878.5706 kcochran@nvcc.edu English
Stephanie Dupal 703.878.6129 sdupal@nvcc.edu English
Indigo Eriksen 703.878.5808 jeriksen@nvcc.edu English
Jolene Houston 703.878.5719 johouston@nvcc.edu English
Theana Kastens 703.878.4593 tkastens@nvcc.edu English
Lori Leeker 703.878.5669 lleeker@nvcc.edu English
Brenda Meisel 703.878.5662 nvmeisb@nvcc.edu English
Gustavo Monje 703.878.4686 gumonje@nvcc.edu English
Dr. Julie Quinn 703.878.5670 jquinn@nvcc.edu English
Jennifer Richardson 703.878.5660 jrichardson@nvcc.edu English
Lisa Smith 703.878.5668 lismith@nvcc.edu English
Jennifer Taylor       703.878.5721 jjtaylor@nvcc.edu English
LeeAnn Thomas 703.878.4559 lethomas@nvcc.edu English
Breana Bayraktar 703.878.4653 bbayraktar@nvcc.edu ESL
Jackie Weaver 703.878.4597 jweaver@nvcc.edu ESL
Martha Wheeler             703.878.5666 mwheeler@nvcc.edu ESL
Dr. Charlie Errico 703.878.5639 cerrico@nvcc.edu History
William Howes 703.878.5624 whowes@nvcc.edu History
Alice Reagan 703.878.5645 areagan@nvcc.edu History
Dr. Maureen Santelli 703.878.8678 msantelli@nvcc.edu History
Susan Thompson 703.878.5632 sgthompson@nvcc.edu History
Gail Rebhan 703.878.5776 grebhan@nvcc.edu Photography
Margaret (Megan) Davies 703.878.5638 mdavies@nvcc.edu Psychology
Dr. Alicia Grodsky 703.878.5636 agrodsky@nvcc.edu Psychology
Dr. Cedric Wilson 703.878.5869 cmwilson@nvcc.edu Psychology
Dr. Virginia D'Antonio 703.878.5897 vdantonio@nvcc.edu Sociology
Lisa Riggleman-Gross 703.878.5642 lriggleman@nvcc.edu Sociology
Donna Clark 703.878.5671 dclark@nvcc.edu Spanish
Chaiya Ortiz 703.878.6175 cortiz@nvcc.edu Spanish
David Tyson 703.878.6114 dtyson@nvcc.edu Theater and Communication Studies