Grant Overview

Data Center Operations Program Development (DCO PD) is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through its Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program (Award #2300978). The project seeks to support colleges across the country in developing programs, courses and content to increase capacity for data center education.

During project year 1 - 6, regional fellows will serve as an advisory cohort, providing formative and summative feedback on the structure of the fellowship.

During project years 2 – 3, cohorts of 8 fellows per year will be recruited from large and emerging US data center markets through collaboration with the ACTE. Fellows will complete training at NOVA’s DCO training facility and then complete their externship near their home institution.

The economic activities of enterprises that rely on Internet services require a significant data center infrastructure to ensure continuity of services. In turn, data centers require significant capital investment, ongoing operational maintenance, and the technical workforce capacity to support various center operations. As data center capacity continues to expand in the Northern Virginia (NOVA) region and the country at large, a trained engineering technology workforce is necessary to meet the growing demand for skilled workers.

At present, community and technical colleges lack the instructional capacity to offer programs and coursework to support this rapidly emerging technological field. This project intends to address the lack of workforce issue by developing a sustained professional development program. The proposed Data Center Operations Program Development (DCO PD) has the potential to prepare engineering technology faculty to integrate DCO skills into their teaching practice, conduct national outreach to administrators and educators, and establish professional networks with data centers and their operators regionally and nationally.

The project has three primary components. First is a sustained professional development fellowship for faculty, including a three-day workshop series at NOVA Community College's data center training facility and a five-day externship at an operational data center. Second is an awareness and recruitment campaign at national conferences including project presentations, data center site visits, and hands-on skills workshops. Third, and finally, is a data center education digital resource hub serving as a repository of curriculum, industry contacts, career information, and a map of growing data center markets. The project intends to advance the understanding of industry externships and site visits as a tool for faculty professional development. Instructional materials would be disseminated through publications of the Association for Career and Technical Education's Techniques magazine, the career and technical education Journal, The Science Teacher, and Technology and Engineering Teacher.

Results of the project will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals and presented at various conferences. This project is funded by the Advanced Technological Education program that focuses on the education of technicians for the advanced-technology fields that drive the Nation's economy.

DCO PD will have the following components:

  1. A DCO Professional Learning (PL) Fellowship for educators: Fellows will
    1. attend a 3-day PL series at NOVA’s data center training facility in Woodbridge, VA lead by experienced industry professionals,
    2. complete a 5-day DCO externship at an operational data center nearest their college, and
    3. then produce a data center education action plan for integrating data center operations content into their professional practice.
    4. Apply for the fellowship at
    5. Download a DCO Professional Learning Fellowship 2P Flyer here
  2. An awareness and recruitment campaign through ACTE’s national conferences: DCO PD partner ACTE will host DCO workshops, presentations, and coordinate industry site visits during its national conferences. ACTE will conduct three types of conference events:
    1. awareness presentations for CTE administrators covering the data center market, growing need for technicians, desired skills, and other relevant information
    2. data center site visits to facilities near conferences for prospective fellows and conference attendees, and
    3. DCO skills workshops that provide hands-on introductions to relevant skills for data centers (e.g., fiber splicing).
  3. Data Center Education Digital Resource Hub: The resource hub will serve as a repository of PD curriculum, provide syllabi and other pedagogical material produced by fellows, and provide industry contacts, career information, and a map of growing data center markets. The hub will provide interested IHEs with an avenue to form connections with data centers in their region.

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Available DCO Programs

Northern Virginia Community College’s A.A.S. and C.S.C in Data Center Operations – These programs will prepare you for an entry-level position in data centers or companies that support data center function as a technician, operator and/or technologist. The DCO programs immerse you in course work that prepares you to earn BICSI Installer 1, Installer 2 (Copper) and Installer 2 (Fiber Optic) industry credentials, as well as an OSHA 10 certification.

Texas A&M University’s Data Center Operations Engineering Certificate – This program provides an integrated education preparing a new workforce for the specific challenges involved in planning and decision-making for running the operations, designing the infrastructure, and managing the resources in large-scale data centers. The technical focus of this certificate revolves around the development of the critical skills needed by employees of data centers, including a theoretical and practical foundation in the critical top areas of power, cooling, effective systems management, and computer systems. 

Marist College’s Data Center Facilities Management Certificates - The Data Center Facilities Management Associate and Professional Certificate programs provide competency in critical infrastructure design, management, and problem-solving acumen. While learning relevant, job-related skills, participants earn undergraduate credits that can be applied toward a fully online bachelor's degree at Marist. The program provides participants with essential knowledge and skills in facilities management, infrastructure, power, cooling, data communication, project management, and cloud computing.

DCO Tech Grant Outcomes

DCO PD's 3-year term began in July 2023. Initial outcomes will be available after the first year of completion.

Conference Presentations & Dissemination

NOVA will present DCO PD at the following events in 2023: