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Developmental English Program

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What Is NOVA's Developmental English Program?

Students who test into developmental English via the Virginia Placement Test (VPT)-English have demonstrated a need to improve their basic academic skills to prepare for college-level English courses. The redesigned sequence of developmental English courses integrates the teaching of reading and writing skills. Although these classes do not carry transferable credits, they provide added support for students, enabling them to become independent learners and acquire the skills needed to achieve their educational goals.

How Do Students Progress to College-level English?

Students can enter the developmental English sequence at three levels, depending on your English Placement Test score:

  • ENF 1 Preparing for College English I, an eight-credit course;
  • ENF 2 Preparing for College English II, a four-credit course;
  • ENF 3 Preparing for College English III, a two-credit course that is co-enrolled with ENG 111, College Composition I, the entry-level college composition class.

After students pass either the ENF 1 or the ENF 2 courses, teachers will recommend them either to the ENF 3 class, co-enrolled with credit-level English (ENG 111), or to the ENG 111 class without ENF 3.

the progression through two levels of developmental studies into college credit courses for math and english

What Skills Will You Need to Pass an ENF Course?

Students who successfully progress through the developmental English sequence (ENF 1, 2 or 3), need to show mastery in the following language-related areas, among others:

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary

Students will respond to written texts through annotation, questioning, analyzing and making logical inferences that demonstrate comprehension of meaning, purpose and point of view.

The Writing Process

Students will use the parts of the writing process (prewriting, controlled writing, revision and editing) to produce clear, concise and organized essays using academic vocabulary and grammatically correct sentences.

Research and Documentation

Students will evaluate sources to determine credibility and relevancy and write texts that correctly integrate paraphrased or quoted information from outside sources that are correctly and clearly cited in the text. Additionally, students will demonstrate their understanding of the issues surrounding plagiarism and academic integrity.