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Cooperative Education & Internships

Cooperative Education & Coordinated Internship Services, an extension of Academic Services, provides students with work-based experiential learning opportunities by supporting collaboration between the academic departments and community employers through Cooperative Education and Coordinated Internship courses that bolster workforce pipelines to meet community labor needs, enhance the programs of study curricula at the College, and enrich the academic learning and career development of students.

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Introduction to Co-Op Services


Cooperative Education & Coordinated Internship Services, also known as Co-Op, provides students work-based experiential learning opportunities referred to as co-ops or internships that apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to employment situations with community employers.

Importantly, most sponsoring employers require students to be affiliated with an institution of higher education such as NOVA and registered for specific courses in order to participate in co-op and internship opportunities under guidelines established by the U.S Department of Labor.


Co-op and internship opportunities extend the education of the students into the workforce to provide a comprehensive curriculum that combines both theory and practice. These opportunities are viewed as an entry level means of acquiring practical job training and valuable resume building experience. Ultimately, the goal for students is individual career development with an emphasis on both supervision and self-direction.

Students may be eligible to receive a salary, stipend, or tuition assistance from employers in addition to receiving academic credit from the College. Full-time employment in permanent job positions is often offered by the employers afterwards, thus easing entry into the workforce.

Additionally, students can earn up to 10 academic credits though coursework which may be used to complete general elective credit, earned as additive credit, or substituted for required coursework in degrees or programs of study with the approval of academic advisors.

Students, employers, and faculty & staff may also reference the additional participation benefits of co-op and internships.


Students interested in work-based experiential learning through NOVA must register for the required Cooperative Education or Coordinated Internship courses.

The Academic Departments for each degree major and program of study offer Cooperative Education and Coordinated Internship courses as listed under general usage courses in the College Catalog. However, these courses are often not listed in the Schedule of Classes since the registration process is unique requiring a Co-Op/Internship Registration Packet to be authorized by the corresponding Academic Department.

To register for these courses, students must review and complete the steps in the Cooperative Education & Coordinated Internships Handbook.

Contact Information

For information on how to contact Cooperative Education & Coordinated Internship Services go to Co-Op Office Contact Information.


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