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Academic Advising

See Frequently Asked Questions about the Biotechnology Program.

Strategies for Planning

  • Get Program–Placed early in your time at NOVA.
  • As early as possible, meet with a faculty advisor to develop a proposed timeline for your program.
  • Plan to balance out your general education courses with one or more lab science each semester.
  • Check pre-requisites and timeline, and make sure you meet them, as many courses required one year of Biology or Chemistry or division approval.
  • Meet with your counselor/advisor each semester to plan what courses you will take.
  • If you are planning to enter medical or pharmacy school, prospective students are strongly encouraged to take two lab sciences concurrently as well as take the sequence of biology and chemistry courses.
  • Plan a graduation date. With a counselor, investigate the checklist of activities to get cleared for graduation.
  • Proper signature before deadlines will facilitate the processing of your paperwork for graduation by the Registrar’s office.
  • Register early!

Transfer Information

Although an A.A.S. degree is not designed to be a transfer degree, we have taken special care to include as many transferable courses as possible. At least 2/3 of our credits are transferable to higher institutions. It is our understanding that many of our graduates will want to continue their education. We are facilitating articulation agreements with local colleges and universities for 100% transferability.

Faculty Advising

Our faculty members all have experience in research and industry, as well as teaching. Note: When contacting key faculty for assistance, place the term biotechnology somewhere in the topic line of your e-mail, it will process your message faster.

Please, feel free to contact us if you need more information about our new program and courses. There is at least a faculty member on each campus who can help you decide on how to choose your courses according to your needs or career goals.

Biotech Faculty Advisors

For general Biotechnology Program questions, please email biotech@nvcc.edu and one of the Biotechnology Program faculty will respond to your questions.

For specific advising questions, the Biotechnology Program Faculty Advisors are:

For administrative inquiries, the college faculty administrators of the Biotechnology Program are: