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Prerequisite Requirements

Students must complete the following prerequisites before applying to the program. You must be a high school graduate/GED, with completion of the following college courses with a "C" letter grade or better as a minimum (a C-minus does not meet this requirement):

  • SDV101 Orientation to Veterinary Technology
  • ENG111 College Composition I
  • CHM101 Introductory Chemistry or CHM111 General Chemistry (preferred)
  • MTH 133 Mathematics for Health Professionals 
  • VET111 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals 

MTH133 and VET111 are only available at the Loudoun campus and can be completed on-campus or online. There are no substitutions for these courses.  

Employment Requirements

Because the Online Program is designed for the student who is already working in a veterinary practice, these unique requirements apply to those candidates applying for admission to the Online Program only:

  • Students must work at an approved veterinary facility, an average minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • Students must have a veterinary mentor; this person must be a licensed veterinarian, who supervises the student where the student works.
  • Students must attend the Loudoun Campus an average of at least two or three times per semester for testing and/or study.
  • Students and mentors must sign a Memorandum of Agreement regarding goals of the Program and submit all requested forms.

Degree Requirements

The complete checklist of requirements and student responsibilities for the Veterinary Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree Program can be found in the College Catalog on the Programs of Study Web page. You can use the Advising Sheets link on the Programs of Study Web page to see the list of the specific courses.

Veterinary Technology Course Requirements

After students are accepted into the program, they are program-placed by the campus counseling office then will be E-mailed instructions of when to register for the veterinary technology specific (VET) sequence of courses.

General Education Requirements

The required curriculum for Veterinary Technology students includes some general education courses, meaning courses that are not “VET” courses. General education courses can either be taken prior to entering the program or after already being accepted to the program.

Credits from previous college work may be substituted for these general education requirements only after approval.  This substitution process is only conducted after admission and enrollment into the Program.

CST 110

Introduction to Communication (Speech)
*CST 126 may be substituted

Humanities Elective Refer to the current printed or online NOVA course catalog for the list of courses that can count toward the humanities elective course or check the list of acceptable humanities elective courses
Social Sciences Elective  Refer to the current printed or online NOVA course catalog for the list of courses that can count toward the humanities elective course or check the list of acceptable social sciences elective courses