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This is the course sequence for online veterinary technology courses only. You must also take courses in English, Social Science, Math, Chemistry, Physical Education, Communications, Humanities/Fine Arts and Student Development to complete the degree.

VET Course Sequence:

Semester 1-VET 111 and VET 105 Semester 2-VET 116 and VET 121 Semester 3-VET 131 and VET 211
Semester 4-VET 132 and VET 216 Semester 5- VET 135 and VET 122 Semester 6- VET 214 and VET 212
Semester 7- VET 221 and VET 133 Semester 8- VET 217, VET 290, and VET 235

VET 105 Introduction to Veterinary Technology
VET 111 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
VET 116 Animal Breeds and Behavior
VET 121, 122 Clinical Practices I-II
VET 131, 132, 133 Clinical Pathology I- III
VET 135 Anesthesia of Domestic Animals
VET 211, 212 Diseases of Domestic Animals I-II
VET 214 Animal Dentistry
VET 216 Animal Pharmacology
VET 217 Introduction to Laboratory, Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
VET 221 Advanced Clinical Practices III
VET 235 Animal Hospital Management and Client Relations
VET 290 A Preceptorship in Veterinary Technology

Go to the College Catalog to view the current course requirements for the veterinary technology degree and for course descriptions. Navigate to the Veterinary Technology page under “View Programs of Study” to get the Advising Sheet.