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Liberal Arts: Psychology, A.A.

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The philosophy classes offered at NOVA provide an introduction to the subject. All of the classes focus on evaluating arguments by engaging with classic philosophical texts. The discipline emphasizes conversation through dialectical teaching written work.

Program Details

The skills students learn in a philosophy class can be applied in any field: medicine, law, engineering or raising children. Philosophy prepares students for life by engaging with the eternal questions of human existence. In philosophy classes at NOVA moral questions are taught by surveying the various answers that have been purposed as well as encouraging students to pursue and propose their own answers during class discussion and on written assignments.

Philosophy classes emphasize reading comprehension. The skills required to grasp a philosophical reading transfer to all other domains. Being able to write clearly about philosophical questions helps students to think clearly. As they practice writing and analyzing arguments students are prepared to better use writing as they communicate throughout their lives. To be able to develop the skill of thinking clearly, by avoiding contradictions however subtle, philosophy classes use open conversation, debate, lecture and a heavy emphasis on written assignments.

Transfer Opportunites

Philosophy is not a program degree and does not offer a certificate completion. Philosophy classes are electives for the Liberal Arts major. 

Credit for Prior Learning

Northern Virginia Community College accepts industry-standard certifications, credentials and/or professional courses for credit. Broadly, licenses, credentials and/or certifications must be current and valid for consideration. For more information regarding the status of the certification and its eligibility for credit, please see an advisor or faculty members in the discipline area that awards CPL credit.

Where Courses are Offered

Program Degrees and Certificates

Specific program courses provide the knowledge and skills to test for industry certifications. 


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