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Political Science Specialization

Graduates of Political Science Specialization of Social Science AS degree will be able to critically analyze power relationships in international relations, American politics, and state and local politics.

Program Details

Students who graduate with an AS degree in the Political Science Specialization of Social Science will be able to critically analyze power relationships in international relations, American politics, and state and local politics. They will also appreciate the importance of civic engagement in all levels of governance. Writing college papers, researching for information in libraries and online, presenting ideas in classrooms, both orally and in writing, and working with others, whether in front of the class or in small groups, will prepare students for the continuance of their undergraduate educations and modern workplaces. Beyond that, students will be aware of the many career opportunities they can engage in with their associate's and bachelor's degrees.

Transfer Opportunities

Since four-year colleges can vary in their course and GPA requirements, please consult a counselor or academic advisor regarding specific requirements and course selection.

Credit for Prior Learning

Northern Virginia Community College accepts industry-standard certifications, credentials and/or professional courses for credit. Broadly, licenses, credentials and/or certifications must be current and valid for consideration. For more information regarding the status of the certification and its eligibility for credit, please see an advisor or faculty members in the discipline area that awards CPL credit.

The most current information can be found here for CPL: Certifications and Credentials.

Program Degrees and Certificates


Career Prospects

With degrees in Political Science, students can find careers to satisfy a diverse array of interests. There are jobs in politics, like speech-writing, campaign management, campaign organization, policy or political advising, or in serving as a politician. There are government jobs at a variety of different levels, from local positions, to state, national, or international governance, and this can revolve around the work of assisting politicians in office, to staffing the many important bureaucracies that make government work. Also, there are many possibilities for advocacy, whether one works for a political party, think tank, or interest group. Beyond that, many employers like to have a diverse workforce with people from a variety of educational backgrounds, even if a career - at first glance - doesn't seem to be based on political science.

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