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Name Phone Email
Dr. Christine Schull
Assistant Dean
703.845.6224 cschull@nvcc.edu
Pam Blankenship (adjunct) 703.575.4722 pblankenship@nvcc.edu
Sherry Chevalley (adjunct) 703.575.4722 schevalley@nvcc.edu
Stephanie Cunningham (adjunct) 703.575.4722 scunningham@nvcc.edu
Virginia Holloway (adjunct) 703.575.4722 vholloway@nvcc.edu
Ana Hoover (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ahoover@nvcc.edu
Nancy Hoyler (adjunct) 703.575.4722 nhoyler@nvcc.edu
Amy Johnson (adjunct) 703.575.4722 ajohnson@nvcc.edu
Shelley Keith (adjunct) 703.575.4722 skeith@nvcc.edu
Trista Mason (adjunct) 703.575.4722 tmason@nvcc.edu
Kristine Ruscello (adjunct) 703.575.4722 kruscello@nvcc.edu
Yvonne Spencer (adjunct) 703.575.4722 yspencer@nvcc.edu
  • Access - Increase access to under-served populations.
  • Partnerships - Develop strategic partnerships to create gateways of opportunity.
  • Leadership - Serve as a catalyst and a leader in developing educational and economic competitiveness.




Susan Johnson-Program Head


Dawn Crowson (Adjunct)


Dr. Jennifer Kaywork (Adjunct)


Lauren Lang (Adjunct)


Ann-Marie Lanius (Adjunct)


Gail Multop (Adjunct)


Laura McCarty (Adjunct)


Dr. Rachel Sweeney (Adjunct)


Kathleen Tanas (Adjunct)




Dr. Kathleen Ludlow, Program Head
Since January 2002, Dr. Ludlow has served full-time as the Early Childhood Program Head at the Manassas Campus.  Dr. Ludlow brings a wealth of experience from both public and private sectors to NOVA.  Expertise as an early childhood educator, trainer, and former owner of early learning centers make her an ideal program head and early childhood professor. 

Ms. Bernice Mayfield
Since August 2014, Ms. Mayfield has served full-time as an early childhood professor at NOVA. Prior to this time, Ms. Mayfield was an adjunct at NOVA for the early childhood programs.  Ms. Mayfield’s experience, in both public and private sectors of early childhood education as an educator and mentor, make her an ideal early childhood professor.


Ms. Lucy Amos
Experienced early childhood educator and trainer.  Ms. Amos brings a global perspective to the early childhood classroom.  Ms. Amos enjoys spending time with her family and early childhood advocacy.

Dr. Rosemary Burton
Long time adjunct professor of early childhood education at NVCC.  Dr. Burton is instrumental in preparing child care providers to work in the field of early childhood education.  Dr. Burton enjoys ballroom dancing and working with early childhood committees for the betterment of this field.

Ms. Deborah Donovan
Experienced licensed public teacher.  Ms. Donovan begins a wealth of knowledge, talent and interest in early childhood education to the classroom.  Ms. Donovan enjoys spending time with her family and teaching at NVCC in the early childhood programs.

Ms. Amy Josephson
Knowledgeable early childhood educator who enjoys rich hands-on learning experiences.  Ms. Josephson enjoys spending time with her family and planning early childhood activities.

Ms. Kristal Menchaca
Highly experienced educator at both the community college and university levels.  Ms. Menchaca is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of infant and child development, behavior guidance, and health/safety of young children.  Ms. Menchaca enjoys spending time with her family and child advocacy.

Ms. Deborah Stepien
Knowledgeable early childhood professional with 28+ years of experience working with young children and families in a variety of settings.  Ms. Stepien is a highly skilled child development and Child Find specialist, assessor, child advocate and licensed teacher.  Ms. Stepien enjoys volunteer work and travel.