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The Honors Program

The Honors Program was founded at NOVA in 1985. Its purpose is to provide motivated students with an enriched program of study. The College recently reaffirmed its commitment to Honors and strengthened its efforts to create a consistent college-wide program.

The Honors Program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Honors students are encouraged to think independently and to challenge ideas as they study with highly motivated peers and engage in provocative discussions that foster a spirit of camaraderie.

honors program honors courses

Honors Courses

Honors Courses are designed to provide motivated students with an enriched program of study beyond the standard college course. Smaller classes allow students the opportunity for a deeper exploration of topics and to work with professors more closely. Honors Courses include rigorous academics, enrichment activities, opportunities for leadership, and in-depth research.

Students eligible to take Honors Courses or Honors Option Courses may take an Honors Course without being admitted to the Honors Program.