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Honors Program Benefits

There are many benefits for completing the Honors Program at NOVA. For some students, it is a self-guided exploration of new material facilitated by an experienced guide. For others, the appeal lies in the small class size and seminar-style discussions. The out-of-class enrichment experiences offer a distinctive bonus that all can enjoy.

Benefits include:

  • smaller classes
  • stimulating professors and peers
  • student-led discussions
  • seminar-style classrooms
  • community of learners
  • multi-disciplinary approaches
  • interaction with nationally-known experts in the field
  • field trips
  • college-wide events and campus-wide leadership recognition
  • internships
  • Honors Club
  • special honors scholarships
  • competitive edge applying to four-year institutions and in university courses
  • future transfer agreements
  • an honors transcript identifier
  • a gold seal on your diploma designating completion of the Honors Core Curriculum
  • an Honors Certificate of Completion for 18 hours of honors credit
  • recognition at commencement
  • letters of recommendation from honors faculty