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Apply to Adult Career Pathways

NOVA’s Adult Career Pathways Program connects participants with NOVA career counselors who assist them in developing an education or training plan to earn a credential career advancement and greater financial security.

The Adult Career Pathways program holds monthly College Access Workshops where students may apply to participate in the program. The workshops provide potential students with assistance developing an individual education/training plan, applying for financial aid, completing a NOVA application, and learning about opportunities available to them at NOVA.

Students continue to receive assistance from a College Access Counselor until they are ready to register for their first classes or training program. When they are ready to register, they begin to work with a Success Counselor who remains their counselor for up to three years.

If you wish to attend one of our College Access Workshops (CAW), please click the button below.

College Access Workshop Dates and  Locations

If you are currently an FCPS adult student, click on the button below to find out about upcoming SDV 100: College Success Skills courses or other events scheduled at Woodson Adult High School.

FCPS Adult program

Youth interested in bridging from their FCPS high school to NOVA may benefit from the Pathway to Baccalaureate program.

Success Workshop Series

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