NOVA's Vet Tech Month Staff Spotlight Story - Lisa Scott

October 27, 2022

Lisa Scott, a Licensed Veterinarian Technician, currently serves as NOVA Loudoun’s Veterinary Technology Program Manager. In addition to being a NOVA alum, she earned a Bachelor of Science at George Mason University and returned to help students here at NOVA.

As our Vet Tech Month’s spotlight, Lisa talks about her love for animals and teaching our students.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background

I have lived in Virginia since I was three years old, a rarity to say as there are so many transplants from all over the country and world that live here. My husband and I have one girl and two boys, who keep us on our toes. And it wouldn’t be a complete household without at least one pet in our home. Kota is our crazy, fun-loving chocolate lab who loves all things food. What lab doesn’t?

In 2002, I proudly graduated from NOVA’s Veterinary Technology Program with honors, passed my national board exam, and became licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Virginia. After practicing for a few years, I went on to complete my Bachelor’s in Science from George Mason University in 2009.

I found my passion in specialty veterinary medicine and worked in emergency and critical care as an overnight lead veterinary technician for seven years. I loved that every night was different and the positive energy working with an amazing team provided. However, my body couldn’t take overnights anymore, so I transitioned to the Oncology Department and was the department manager for another seven years. While so many people think oncology is sad, we made it a point to cherish the human-animal bond. It would always amaze the owners to see their dog being so happy as they drove closer to our hospital, as if they were going to the dog park. We saw some patients every week and they would know the routine so well. They knew which cage to go in and would happily hop onto their cushy bedding to wait for their breakfast and treats.

My true passion has always been management and I was lucky to be able to blend management with enhancing veterinary medicine in both departments I worked in.

What brought you to NOVA?

After spending 14 years in specialty medicine, I decided it was time for a change and perhaps a slower pace so I could focus more on my family. It just so happened that a job posting popped up for a program manager from NOVA’s Veterinary Technology Program. I’ll be honest in that I thought it would be my dream job, but did I want it at this time in my life and would I even be qualified? I filled out the application and saved it, not knowing if I wanted to submit it or not. Days passed and I was still unsure. The time had come where the application was going to close at midnight and, at 11pm, I sat there in front of the computer staring at my application, still unsure if this was right for me. Finally, I said, “what could it hurt to see what happens?” Now, here I am managing the program, and have currently been with NOVA for almost five years. I couldn’t be happier, giving back to the program that gave me so much.

Tell us a story about a wonderful experience you have had working at NOVA

The best part of NOVA is collaborating with so many outstanding and dedicated faculty and staff, not only with the Loudoun Campus but from all campuses and departments. We are about the betterment for NOVA and always have our students in the forefront.

I also love that I still get to communicate with veterinary professionals in the industry by teaming up with them and connecting them with our veterinary technology students.

Tell us how working with students has been impactful for you

I have always loved teaching in private practice. Giving veterinary staff the why of what they are doing and watching them grow professionally brings me joy. While I don’t get to teach at NOVA, I get to see the progression in our students, from when they are just starting out and nervous holding a patient to their final year and being able to confidently prepare them for surgery. I am humbly reminded that we all started at the beginning to get where we are today, so guide with kindness, empathy, and respect.

Tell us how working with other staff members has been impactful to you

I truly believe NOVA’s staff members are the heart and backbone of our college that brings us all together. And I’m not just saying that as a staff member. Well perhaps a little. The camaraderie we share is immeasurable and I truly enjoy going to work each day. I also may be a bit partial to our own team: Dawn (LVT), Diane (LVT), Trish (LVT), and Nicole (Office Admin).

Please let us know some faculty members that you enjoy working with

The faculty in the Veterinary Technology Program are truly dedicated to the veterinary profession and show their passion to our students in each class they teach. A warm shout out to Drs. Laubinger, Glaser, Kingsley, and Selby.

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