Adjunct Resources

Adjunct Faculty Suite

Room AA 483 is designated as office space for adjunct faculty. Several desks, computers, printers and filing drawers are available for faculty use. You can obtain the access code from your division office.


Whenever possible, adjunct faculty are encouraged to use Canvas to distribute materials to students. Six copy machines are available for adjunct use in Bisdorf and one in the Tyler building. You may use any of these copiers. Please contact the LASS division for copiers 1 and 2, the Provost Office for copier 3, and the MSTB division for copiers 4, 5 and 6 if there are problems.

  • Copier 1: AA-252, adjacent to the LAS front desk
  • Copier 2: the back of AA-252
  • Copier 3: AT-249
  • Copier 4: AA-427
  • Copier 5: AA-362A
  • Copier 6: front of AA-352 office area

  • Academic Success Center: helps students achieve academic goals through various support programs, including appointment tutoring in several subjects; walk-in math tutoring and writing assistance; success coaching; study skills development; workshops; and excellent online resources.
  • Accommodations and Accessibility Services: help students with disabilities.
  • New Student Orientation: New Student Orientation (NSO) allows students and parents to learn about resources at NOVA, including degree and certificate programs, financial aid programs, transfer agreements and success skills. Students will also receive information on choosing classes and how to register online.
  • Peer Tutoring: Provides information for students who need tutors and for students interested in becoming tutors.
  • Testing Centers: All campuses

  • Professional development funding is available through the Division and the campus.
  • Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs:College, state and federal grant opportunities.
  • Technology Innovation in Learning and Teaching (TILT): TILT's mission is to integrate educational technology into the curriculum by helping faculty, staff, and students use technology to achieve their teaching and learning goals.

Adjunct faculty are required to use their NOVA email account in all electronic communication with students or the College.