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College Senate

College Senate

The College Senate seeks advice from and makes policy recommendations to the President of the College, the appropriate College Committee, and/or Campus Council for further consideration, and in all areas of College activity. It may establish standing and special committees to deal with specific issues. The College Senate may also elect to submit recommendations to the NOVA Board of Directors through the President of the College.

The College Senate nominates representatives for appointment to College Standing committees and elects members to the College Forum Committees.

The College Senate forms their opinions on any subject relevant to the College's interests and makes suggestions or recommendations to the appropriate College committee, officer, or Campus Council for further consideration.

Nguyen, Trishvi
NOVA Senate Membership 2021-2022
Name Role Representing
Baha, Najeeb Classified Staff Alexandria
Carrier, Rebeccah Professional Faculty Alexandria
Emblom-Callahan, Maggie Administrative Faculty Alexandria
Hebron, Kelly Teaching Faculty Alexandria
Lechelt, John (Jack) (Vice Chair) Teaching Faculty Alexandria
Majdi, Heidy Student Alexandria
Nguyen, Trishvi Student Alexandria
Sukhbaatar, Khaliun Student Alexandria
Wilson, Chevella Professional Faculty Alexandria
Adler, Brian Classified Staff Annandale
Chabot, Melissa Teaching Faculty Annandale
Goldstein, Andrew Administrative Faculty Annandale
Keller, David Student Annandale
Nadesalingam, Manori Teaching Faculty Annandale
Thurston, Carole Teaching Faculty Annandale
Addison, Shawn Presidential Appointee College
Blackwell, Michael Classified Staff College
Blakeney, Felicia Presidential Appointee College
Gomez, Monica Presidential Appointee College
Hagan, Kristin Classified Staff College
Hopkins, Barbara Administrative Faculty College
Ko, Susie Presidential Appointee College
McCullough, Laurie Presidential Appointee College
Medina, Melanie Presidential Appointee College
Wilder, Amanda Professional Faculty College
Zadran, Ghul Classified Staff College
Doheney, Karen Teaching Faculty Loudoun
Jenkins, Kush Presidential Appointee Loudoun
Polcen, Michael Teaching Faculty Loudoun
Prakash, Rachna Classified Staff Loudoun
Siko, Laura (Secretary) Administrative Faculty Loudoun
Terranova, Fred Teaching Faculty Loudoun
Chazen, Caitlin Teaching Faculty Manassas
McCrory, Aldous (Chair) Teaching Faculty Manassas
Mucci, Diane Administrative Faculty Manassas
Perry, Bethanie Teaching Faculty Manassas
Reyna, Lauren Classified Staff Manassas
Abdi, Rahma Student Medical
Khursheed, Ammara Student Medical
McGraw, Marina Teaching Faculty Medical
Moseley, Mary Teaching Faculty Medical
Nicely, Kimberly Teaching Faculty Medical
Plaugher, Mark Classified Staff Medical
Powers, Shelly Administrative Faculty Medical
Bayraktar, Breana Teaching Faculty Woodbridge
Cotter, Kerry Teaching Faculty Woodbridge
Dupal, Stephanie Teaching Faculty Woodbridge
Harm, Stephanie Administrative Faculty Woodbridge
Nyborg, Lesley Classified Staff Woodbridge

For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, meetings are on the third Thursday of each month beginning at 12:45 p.m. in Brault, Room 321 unless otherwise noted.  Contact Senate Secretary Maggie Emblom-Callahan (memblomcallahan@nvcc.edu) for more information about attending a meeting.

Meeting dates:

  • August 18th (via Zoom)
  • September 16th
  • September 30th – Special Meeting
  • October 21st
  • November 18th
  • December 16th (Tentative)
  • January 20th
  • February 17th
  • March 17th
  • April 21st
  • April 28th – Organizational Meeting