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College Scholarship Committee

The College Scholarship Committee collects and disseminates information pertaining to available scholarships and other financial aid. The committee also selects recipients for scholarships as designated by donors and nominates students for consideration by donors if requested. The committee proportions available scholarships and aid to each of the campuses fairly and equitably. Appropriate recommendations are made to the executive vice president for Academic and Student Services. The committee is appointed annually by the president. 

Current Members
Member NameCampusPositionTerm Ends Spring of
Beth Harper, Ex Officio CS AVP for SS & EM N/A
Joan Zanders, Executive Secretary CS Director of Financial Aid N/A
Billy Davis, Jr., Ex Officio CS NOVA Financial Aid Scholarship Coordinator N/A
Vanessa de Rodriguez AL Dean of Students  (Interim) N/A
Ellen Fancher-Ruiz AN Dean of Students N/A
Debby Wyne LO Dean of Students N/A
Mark Kidd MA Dean of Students N/A
Beatrice Veney MEC Dean of Students N/A
Michael Turner WO Dean of Students N/A
John Ruffino, Ex Officio CS Executive Dir., NVCC Edu. Foundation N/A
Mary Bramley, Ex Officio CS Assistant Dir., NVCC Edu. Foundation N/A
James Mauger AL Financial Aid Manager N/A
Sharon Sheridan AN Financial Aid Advisor N/A
Jack Zegeer LO Financial Aid Advisor N/A
Lisa Branson MA Financial Aid Manager N/A
John Riemer MEC Financial Aid Manager N/A
Tykesha Myrick WO Financial Aid Specialist N/A
Sam Vafaei ELI Financial Aid Manager N/A
Diane Mucci MA Academic Dean (Interim) N/A
Getachew Teferra AL Teaching Faculty 18
Lynette Garrett AL Teaching Faculty 18
James Baer AL Teaching Faculty 18
Kiet Anh Quach AN Teaching Faculty 18
Memuna Sillah AN Teaching Faculty 18
Nathan Leslie LO Teaching Faculty 18
Kathy Callahan MA Teaching Faculty 18
Bernice Mayfield MA Teaching Faculty 18
Kathryn Patterson MEC Teaching Faculty 18
Jacquelyn Peterson WO Teaching Faculty 18



There are no minutes available at this time.