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Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee assists in the preparation and delivery of a college-wide Professional Development Plan designed to enhance the human potential of all college employees. The Committee examines programs such as seminars, workshops, development grants; it also studies, identifies, prioritizes, and forwards recommendations to the president through the Chair of the Professional Development Committee. The committee is appointed annually by the president.

Curent Members
Member NameCampusPositionTerm Ends Spring of
Julie Leidig, Chair LO Provost 17
Trace Main CS Assoc. Dir of Training and Prof Dev 17
Stephanie Sareeram AL Chair of the Personnel Services Committee 17
Dan Dusseau CS Chief of Police N/A
Tom Mayhew CS Director of Emergency Management & Planning N/A
Connie Kirkland CS Director of Student Mental Health and Behavior 17
Frances Villagran-Glover AL Coordinator, CETL N/A
Wayne Ledford CS Director, IT Client Services 17
Ellen Francher-Ruiz AN Chair, Deans of Students Council 17
David Epstein WO Chair, Academic Deans Council 17
Lynn Bowers MA Chair, Dean of LTR Council 18
Kathleen Odige MEC Professional Faculty (from PSC) 17
Charlotte Calobrisi CS Senate member 18

There are no agendas available at this time.

Professional Development Plans