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Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) serves as an oversight committee on matters of information technology and is responsible for setting the information technology strategic direction of the College. The committee recommends college information technology policies, procedures and standards; reviews and recommends priorities for the development of applications and for capital requests; and serves as an information-sharing forum. The committee is advisory to the vice president of Instructional and Information Technology with policy recommendations and technology plans recommended to the president for consideration by the Administrative Council.

Current Members
Committee Members Campus Position Term Ends Spring of
Steve Sachs, Chair CS VP of IIT N/A
Jennifer Lerner CS AVP for e-Learning N/A
M. Annette Haggray AL Provost 18
Anne Loochtan MEC Provost 17
Allen Sinner CS Director of ITSS N/A
Hatim Hussein AL Teaching Faculty 17
Fernando (Alex) Seminario AN Teaching Faculty 17
Deborah Naquin LO Teaching Faculty 17
Shahrokh Ahmadi MA Teaching Faculty 18
Christian Bartley WO Teaching Faculty 18
Imran Kukdawala MEC Classified Staff 18
Frances Villagran-Glover AL Dean LTR 17
Jill Mitchell AN Associate Dean (Interim) 17
Steve Ward AL Rep. from the IST faculty cluster 17
Linda Page Carr AL Rep. from Communication Arts Faculty 17
Beth Harper CS Rep. from Executive VP from AS&S unit 17
Diana Cline CS Rep. from the VP of Finance unit 17
Saurabh Niraula CS Rep. from the VP of IRPA unit 18
Sara Boyd CL Rep. from VP for Workforce Development unit 17
Technology Plans

Chancellor’s Technology Expectations

The VCCS Chancellor’s Expectations are standards and requirements that all VCCS colleges, the System Office, and the Shared Services Center are required to meet annually. They are developed and approved through the VCCS governance process and are based on national best practices and standards. The Chancellor’s Expectations are used in developing both NOVA’s annual technology plan and its Strategic Technology Plans. (The Expectations document refers to, but does not include, the detailed IT security standards and practices that govern IT operations throughout the system.)

Strategic Technology Plan

2019-2020 Technology Plan

2018-2019 Technology Plan

2017-2018 Technology Plan

2016-2017 Technology Plan

2015-2016 Technology Plan

2014-2015 Technology Plan

2013-2014 Technology Plan

2012-2013 Technology Plan

2011-2012 Technology Plan

2010-2011 Technology Plan

2009-2010 Technology Plan

2008-2009 Technology Plan