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Instructional and Student Services Committee

The Instructional and Student Services Committee (ISSC) receives proposals from the College Senate, Campus Councils, Working Groups, and College community and makes recommendations pertaining to the quality of education in the College, student life and the welfare of the student body of the College. The committee studies, gathers information, conducts discussions and surveys the intellectual and/or student environment, academic standards and teaching-learning conditions in the College.

  • Twelve teaching faculty -- at least two to three from each campus and two counselors
  • Six administrative faculty -- at least one per campus, including one provost and one dean of Student Development
  • Three classified staff not from the same campus, including two teaching assistants
  • Five students -- one per campus
  • One member from a Learning Resource Center and at least one member from ELI
Current Members
Name Campus Position Term Ends Spring of
Kathy Bohnstedt WO Administrative Faculty 2020
Veronica Carlan AL Teaching Faculty 2020
Alex Case NOL Administrative Faculty 2020
Sabrina Chikhi AN Teaching Faculty 2020
Cathleen Cogdill MA Professional Faculty 2020
Joann Credle AN Professional Faculty 2020
Edward G. Creppy LO Teaching Faculty 2020
Kelly DeSenti AN Professional Faculty 2020
Beverly Ellerbe LO Classified Staff 2020
David Fernandez AL Teaching Faculty 2020
Randolph Fournier LO Administrative Faculty 2020
Stephanie Harm WO Professional Faculty 2020
Susan Idziak LO Teaching Faculty 2020
Mark Kidd MA Administrative Faculty 2020
George Lekakis MA Administrative Faculty 2020
Jennifer Ramirez AN Teaching Faculty 2020
Nicole Reaves MEC Administrative Faculty 2020
Sophia Sexton AN Teaching Faculty 2020
Rosa Sherrod (Chair) LO Professional Faculty 2020
Meghan Sullivan LO Classified Staff 2020
Matt Todd AL Administrative Faculty 2020
Year In Review