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Global Studies Committee

The purpose of the Global Studies Committee is to promote, coordinate and give advice on programs aimed at increasing the global awareness and competency of our students, faculty, and staff and build global learning and global awareness across the college. Another purpose for the GSC was to shepherd the globalization objectives within the strategic plan, review them, identify areas not sufficiently accomplished, and to propose courses of action to address these; thereby, providing advice for improving these programs and/or expanding them across the college. The committee reports to the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student services.

Current Members
Member NameCampusPositionTerm Ends Spring of
Annette Haggray AL Admin Faculty 18
Abbas Eftekhari AN Admin Faculty 17
Debby Wyne LO Admin Faculty 17
James Baer, HIS AL Teaching Faculty 17
Dali Tan, CHI AL Teaching Faculty 17
Jill Caporale, BIO AN Teaching Faculty 17
Sana Hilmi, ARA AN Teaching Faculty 17
Barbara Crain, GEO, Campus Outreach Coordinator LO Teaching Faculty 17
Meena Nayak, ENG, Chair LO Teaching Faculty 17
Khall Al-Tahrawi, ARA MA Teaching Faculty 17
Gregory Perrier, BIO, Recording Secretary MA Teaching Faculty 17
Daria Amato, NUR MEC Teaching Faculty 17
Sue Bhati MEC Teaching Faculty 18
Frank Ferrara, BUS, Vice-Chair WO Teaching Faculty 17
Carmen Figueroa, SPA WO Teaching Faculty 17
Ana Alanso, Chair, Study Abroad Sub-Committee AN Teaching Faculty 17
Lucy Gebre-Egziabher/Learning Resource Services (LRS) AL Teaching Faculty 18
Twyla Jones/International Student Office AL College Staff 18
Tiffeny Laing/Student Services LO College Staff 18
Raphael Soberano/Financial Aid AN College Staff 18
Russell Grooms/Librarian WO College Staff 18
Jason Skinner/ELI CS College Staff 18
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