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College Commencement Committee

The College Commencement Committee plans, organizes, budgets, and conducts the College commencement held in May of each year. Appropriate recommendations are made to the president. The committee is appointed annually by the president. 


Current Members:

  • Anwar Ahmad/TF/AN
  • Kristin Balbuena/PF/AN
  • Trevor Blair/PF/AL
  • Ron Buchanan/AF/AL
  • Geri Dolan/CL/CS
  • Alicia Falzone/TF/AN
  • Ellen Fancher-Ruiz/AF/AN
  • Michael Frasnelli/CL/AN
  • Aissata Haidara/TF/MA
  • Beth Harper/AF/CS
  • Steve Harrelson/CS
  • Roberta Heffernan/TF/MEC
  • Okia Ikwuazorm/TF/LO
  • Blake Johnson/CL/AL
  • Dana Kauffman/CS, Chair
  • Jonathan Kolm/TF/AL
  • Estela Landeros/CL/CS
  • Carlita McCombs/PF/LO
  • Mary Moseley/TF/MEC
  • Diane Mucci/AF/MA
  • Chuck Siegel/CS
  • Cathy Simpson/CS
  • Jack Smith/CS
  • Matt Todd/AF/AL
  • Cedric Wilson/TF/WO
  • 3-6 Graduating Students: TBD


There are no agendas available at this time. 


There are no minutes available at this time.