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Academic Deans Council (ADC)

The Academic Deans Council (ADC) consists of the academic deans of all six campuses and IET. The ADC makes recommendations to the Administrative Council regarding the development, implementation, and evaluation of procedures, programs, and processes that pertain to curriculum, faculty, resources, and academic support services. It coordinates curriculum development and assures consistent academic standards for the College as a whole. The ADC advises the Administrative Council on all aspects of the academic affairs of the college.

Deans Division/Campus
Paula Ford (Interim) IET
Jimmie McClellan LASS, AL
Jen Daniels LASS, AN
Kat Hitchcock LASS, LO
Evette Hyder-Davis LASS, MA
David Epstein LASS, WO
Shelly Powers MEC, Allied Health
Laura Dickson (Interim) MEC, Nursing
Ivy Beringer MSTB, AL
Abe Eftekhari MSTB, AN
Barb Canfield MSTB, LO
Diane Mucci MSTB, MA
Alison Thimblin MSTB, WO
Ex Officio  
Pam Hilbert Provost, AN
Nicole Reaves Provost, MEC
Sheri Robertson AVP/Interim EVP
Mel Schiavelli EVP/Interim President

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