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Arts Building (WA)

Arts Building

The Arts Building features photography classrooms.

  • Arts Building
  • Arts Building Classroom

Bookstore (WB)


The Bookstore features textbooks and other school supply essentials.

  • Bookstore

Classroom and HVAC Lab Building (WAC)

Classroom and HVAC Lab Building

The Classroom and HVAC Lab Building feature classrooms, labs and offices.

  • Classroom and HVAC Lab Building
  • WAC Classroom
  • WAC Classroom
  • WAC Lab
  • WAC Student Lounge

HVAC Lab Building (WH)

HVAC Lab Building

The WH building features lab space for furnaces and boilers inside the building and remote compressor units outside. The building is also used for the storage of parts and tools.

  • HVAC Lab Building

Seefeldt Building (WS)

Seefeldt Building

This building features division and business offices, classrooms, labs, Instructional Support & Development, Police, Parking Services, Provost's Office, Student Services Center, Testing Center, Tutoring, Veteran’s Affairs, Theater, Dean of Student Development, Financial Aid, Counseling, cafeteria, bookstore, library, Workforce Development, IT & ID Card.

  • Seefeldt Building
  • Seefeldt Building Classroom
  • Seefeldt Building Fitness Center
  • Seefeldt Building Theater

Maintenance Building (WM)

Maintenance Building

The Maintenance Building features services for the maintenance, repair, safety and cleaning of the campus.

  • Maintenance Building

Support Services Building

Support Services

  • Future Support Services Building

Phase Three Building- Under Construction

Phase Three Building

  • Future Phase Three Building

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

  • Tennis Courts

Virtual Tour

Welcome! Step inside and discover all that NOVA has to offer. Our virtual tour will guide you on an interactive journey as you hear student testimonials, explore the grounds of our six campuses and three centers, visit our incredible performance venues and galleries, learn about the vast resources we offer.