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Steering Committee

Charlotte Calobrisi, Co-Chair
Alison Thimblin, Co-Chair
Dr. Edward Banas, WO, TF
Ina Dimkova, CS, AF
Shelli Jarvis, CS, CL
Dr. Edward Creppy, LO, TF
Dr. George Gabriel, CS, AF
Dr. Hortense Hinton, MA, AF
Dr. Julie Leidig, LO, AF
Dr. Jennifer Lerner, ELI, AF
Dr. Molly Lynch, CS, TF
Dr. Jimmie McClellan, AL, AF
Dr. Diane Mucci, LO, TF
Kevin Reed, AL, TF
Joshua Richey, AL, PF
Al Ross, WO, TF
Ruth Stanton, MEC, AF
Dr. Anthony Tardd, CS, AF
Michael Turner, WO, PF
Cynthia Williams, MEC, CL

Steering Committee Minutes