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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

NOVA’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an action plan to improve student learning and is part of the reaffirmation of accreditation process. The QEP Development Committee has developed the plan, which identifies student learning outcomes, resources, assessment strategies and an implementation timeline.

Each campus and college unit is represented and has a voice in the development of the QEP. After thorough discussions with teaching faculty, counselors, staff and students, NOVA chose to focus its QEP on the important knowledge gained through comprehensive and consistent advising.

The result of the QEP is GPS for Success: Teaching and Learning through Advising. The QEP focuses on the Goals, Plans and Strategies that students must develop to attain their academic goals. Through early engagement with advising specialists and continued engagement with faculty advisors, students will learn the academic planning skills they need to chart their academic career.

QEP Updates