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Faculty Roles

Faculty RolesTeaching, Learning, Advising...
Faculty are important to the success and advising of our students.

Here are some of the roles (and resources) that faculty will play in GPS for Success advising:

Expect the student to not know everything about career decision -- it's usually due to lack of awareness.

Extend an invitation to the student to come for advising; be reasonably available.

Make your expectation about their involvement and assignments to prepare very clear. Make your communication preferences known.

Attempt to engage in conversation about the student's interests. Visit theses links for more communication techniques and resources:

Review the information that is provided for you about the student.

Be interested in the student's progress, questions and well-being. Make a connection with him/her.

Assist the student in academic planning, build a proper schedule, taking into account the variables that affect successful attainment of educational goals.

Help student evaluate and learn the skills to evaluate academic performance and realignment of goals.

Students will expect you to:

  • Understand and effectively communicate the curriculum, graduation requirements, and NOVA policies and procedures.
  • Encourage and guide them to define and develop realistic goals.
  • Inform them about strategies for utilizing the resources and services available at NOVA.
  • Assist them in understanding the purposes and goals of higher education.
  • Be accessible to meet with them in person during office hours, by telephone, or email in a timely and responsive manner.
  • Follow through on things you promised.
  • Assist them in gaining decision making skills and skills in assuming responsibility for their educational plans and achievements.
  • Maintain confidentiality.