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Definition of Academic Advising and Related Terms

What is Academic Advising?

Academic AdvisingAcademic advising is an opportunity to engage with and teach students the crucial planning skills needed for college and beyond. Students identified as recent high school graduates, those who have never been to college before or who are enrolled in an academic program are the focus of this program.

NOVA's 2012-13 Catalog defines academic advising as a comprehensive program facilitated by faculty and student service personnel to share responsibility for student success with the student. The relationship is intended to help students transition to college and help them evaluate and attain their career and academic goals. The goal is to teach them what campus and college resources to use, so they can make informed and independent decisions.

Related Terms

Developmental Advising - Taking the whole student into account, seeking to understand more than just academics and coursework -- students' goals, strengths, and intentions for pursuing their academic goals.

Intrusive Advising - Advising that takes an active role in pursuing the students’ progress and completion of tasks.

QEP Population - Students who are recent high school graduate, have never attended college before (except dual enrollment) and are enrolled in an academic program.

First Year Advisor - Professional academic advisors hired in Student Services to perform the first tier of academic advising and teaching curriculum.

Coordinator for Student Success - Student Services personnel who supervise the SOAR and NSO processes and Advising Specialists.

PeopleSoft - The data management system used by NOVA.

Assessments (GPS context) - Tests and surveys used to determine the extent of Student Learning Outcome attainment.

Microsoft Outlook - The email and calendar manager that NOVA uses.

SOAR - Student Orientation and Registration through which students are taught curriculum and complete some of the assessments.

NSO - New Student Orientation