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Development Committee


  • Alison Thimblin, Chair
  • Joe Agnich*, LO, TF
  • Kristy Balbuena, CS, CL
  • Emanuel Bartolotta*, ELI, PF
  • Julia Brown, CS, PF
  • Kim Burkle, ELI, PF
  • Allison Butler, MA, PF
  • Michael Carrington*, MA, TF
  • Julie Carvalho, LO, Adjunct Faculty
  • Dr. JoAnn Credle, AN, PF
  • Dr. Paul Fitzgerald, AN, TF
  • Glenn Flodstrom, MEC, TF
  • Dr. Laura Franklin, AL/ELI, TF
  • Pat Gary, MA, TF
  • Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon, CS, AF
  • Dr. Sam Hill, WO, AF
  • Adrienne Hinds*, AN, AF
  • Tanya Ingram, WO, PF
  • Don Johnson*, MEC, PF
  • Susan Johnson, LO, TF
  • Dr. Nelson Kofie, LO, TF
  • Dr. Jim Reynolds, AL, Professor Emeritus; PF 1983-2004
  • Doug Rhoney*, WO, PF
  • Josh Richey*, AL, PF
  • Al Ross, WO, TF
  • MaryAnn Schmitt, MA, TF
  • Deborah Shaffer, AN, TF
  • Fran Troy, AN, PF
  • Dr. Beatrice Veney, MEC, PF
  • Frances Villagran-Glover*, AL, AF

* Member of Operational Group

In addition to the committee membership, the following individuals are identified as resource persons who will be available to provide further consultation to the committee as needed:

  • Charlotte Calobrisi, Special Assistant for Compliance Certification
  • Dr. George Gabriel, Vice President for Research, Planning, and Assessment
  • Miguel Garcia, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Dr. Elizabeth Harper, Associate Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management
  • Kathy Lloyd, Special Assistant for Achieving the Dream
  • Nan Peck, Acting Coordinator, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Dr. Sharon Robertson, Associate Vice President for Academic Services
  • Dr. Steven Sachs, Vice President for Instructional and Information Technology

Meeting Minutes