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Picture of Yunos Amireh

Student Profile - Yunos Amireh

I’m in my third year as a Business Administration major and it’s been great. NOVA has allowed me to attend school and participate in different student activities. I’ve met new people and built friendships with fellow students on campus.

I like NOVA for its intimate classroom settings. Since the classes are small, you get to know all of your classmates and professors. As a result, this makes it a lot easier to get involved in class discussions. It’s a great transition for students coming right out of high school and into a college setting.

One of the most positive experiences I’ve had as a student at the Alexandria Campus is being involved with the Muslim Student Association. This year I became the president of MSA and it’s been going great. In October, we hosted an event and invited rappers Freeway, Loon and Napoleon who used to be in the music industry to talk about their life experiences. They encouraged the students to work hard in school. I’m proud of the success of this event -- more than 500 Muslim and non-Muslim students showed up. I like planning and going to different events at NOVA because not only do you meet new people, but because NOVA is such a diverse environment, you also get to learn about other cultures.