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Wilis Rodriguez

Wilis Rodriguez

I’m in the Electrical Engineering program. I’m a certified electrician, but I came to NOVA to take the next step forward and expand my education – gain a better understanding of the field of engineering. People tend to think that community colleges are easy, but that’s not true. The professors here will push you to prepare you for your next step, whether it’s transferring to a four-year college or starting a new career.

This past semester I was Treasurer of the SALSA Club (Spanish American Latin Student Association). One day when I was working out in the gym, I saw people taking Salsa lessons. I asked one of the girls what the club was about and decided to join. This year I helped create a financial plan for our first annual Latin dance contest. Some events have been on hiatus because the former president of our club graduated. We’re currently working on bringing back National Hispanic Heritage Month activities to the Alexandria Campus next year.    

I discovered that there’s something for everyone at NOVA. You’ll find your niche here.