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Takako Shigehisa

Takako Shigehisa

NOVA is a great place to learn a language. I definitely recommend our programs. If you want to learn Japanese, come to my class!

I have taught at NOVA for four years now in the World Languages Program. I like our approach and think it’s a must in language studies. We apply the proficiency function oriented approach, which means when our students take our classes, they can communicate with the native speakers of that target language. They just don’t sit in our classes and read and write. We teach them to speak and communicate in the target language which is very important. 

Also, we use a lot of technology in World Languages. Our students use the programs to talk with each other outside of class. They record the conversations and send the file to their instructor so that we can evaluate how they are communicating outside of the class since we don’t have enough time to do this during class time -- they have extra practice with the help of technology.