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Patty Ottavio

Patty Ottavio

I’ve been teaching at NOVA for more than 20 years in the Physical Therapist Assistance Program. I’ve continued my career at the College because of the students, my colleagues and the visionary administration. It’s a great place to work. The faculty are very collegial – they’re a conscientious group of people that you really want to come to work with and interact with every day.

Most of my students are career changers in their 30s who want to better their lives. We offer our students a variety of wonderful resources and technology at MEC including a medical library, a cadaver anatomy lab, a human patient simulator lab and more. We are student focused. We try to give all our students the support they need … that they require to be successful.

The Physical Therapist Assistance Program curriculum is very rigorous. We’re incredibly outcome focused, because at the end a graduate must be capable of treating patients. So we have to always keep the patient in mind when we’re teaching our students. I think that’s what makes the Allied Health Programs a little bit different. We want our students to be able to interact safely and competently with the patients they come upon in the community, so we always have to keep that in mind in every step of the way in the curriculum.