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Picture of Molly Lynch

Faculty Profile - Molly Lynch

I began teaching at NOVA in 2003. I was an adjunct professor at the Loudoun and Manassas Campuses before I started teaching full time. I am now the head of the Psychology department at the Manassas Campus.

I taught at a much larger institution before I came to NOVA; I really enjoy the smaller environment NOVA has to offer. I went from teaching classes with 180 students, to teaching classes with 30 students. It has been a delight getting to know each of my students on a much closer level.

I love what I do. I work hard to try to relay that enthusiasm to my students. I like to engage them in various activities so that it’s a lot easier for them to remember different theories and apply them to life. It’s really fulfilling to see students begin to grasp the subject matter and later share how they applied it to personal situations.

The one thing that I love about my job is seeing my former students after they leave NOVA and hearing what they’re up to. It’s exciting finding out that they’ve completed a bachelor’s degree and are continuing their education beyond that level. I recently invited a former student to be a guest lecturer in one of my classes. I feel proud when I see the growth that is exemplified throughout the students.