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Lucia Kane

Lucia Kane

I started taking general courses at NOVA, then one day while I was trying to find one of my classes I stumbled upon the kitchen in the CM building on the Annandale Campus. I discovered the College had a Culinary Program and I signed up for it that afternoon! 

I’ve been cooking since the age of 12, but I never had any formal training. Cooking is my passion; I can easily spend six to eight hours a day in the kitchen. I’ve had some of the best master chefs in the world instruct me at NOVA. It’s great because they each have a different style of teaching. I’ve really honed my knife skills, which is a very important talent as a chef.

I’m currently working with Charles Siegel, the production manager of NOVA’s TV Center and Janet Sass, the assistant dean of my program on an educational cooking segment for NOVA-TV. Our plan is to film 30-minute cooking segments on campus in the classroom using different culinary instructors and students. After we film the pilot episode we’ll decide how frequently we’re going to produce the show. I’ll be the host and the instructors will teach simplified cooking methods to get people interested who may otherwise be intimidated. This project will serve as great experience towards my ultimate goal to have my own cooking show one day!