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Picture of Logan Martinez

Student Profile - Logan Martinez

As a Liberal Arts major at the Woodbridge Campus, NOVA has given me the opportunity to explore a lot of different subjects. I really enjoy being able to take classes in economics, film and biology because it’s helped me to decide what I’d like to do once I transfer to a four year college.

Aside from the many classes NOVA has to offer, there are also a variety of ways to get involved socially. I like participating in clubs because I love the sense of working together for a common cause. It’s great to have friends who share similar goals and interests. Participating in organizations motivates me to work hard. Attending club meetings and events are my reward for doing well in school. They’re sort of like my playground.

You can do just as much at NOVA as you can at a four year college. NOVA’s campuses provide a small and close community that makes it easy for students to get involved. Talk with other students to learn what you can get involved in on your campus that interests you.