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Picture of Lisa Hill

Faculty Profile - Lisa Hill

I came to NOVA as an adjunct professor in the Communication Design Program in 1999. I am continuously amazed at how creative my students become each year. My favorite part about teaching at NOVA is the students.

In 2009, I started a service learning program called ‘NOVA Studio’ along with the help of a colleague. In the studio, six to 10 NOVA students are given the opportunity to work with community based non-profit organizations by helping to solve communication design problems. The most recent ‘NOVA Studio’ project required the students to work with the City of Alexandria designing posters, brochures and bus cards in an effort to promote the census. It’s amazing to see the various ways the students are able to solve a challenge. As a result of their hard work and professionalism, many of my students have even been offered full-time positions with the companies they do work for in the community.

One thing I like about NOVA is that we offer a lot of different courses. It is a really good place to be for students with a range of passions who are trying to figure out exactly what they want to do in life.