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Kimberly Armradit

Kimberly Armradit

When you start at NOVA, get involved. There are many great resources here that I feel students don’t take advantage of. Whatever your interest, we most likely have a club or organization for you. Our student activities coordinator at the Alexandria Campus says that students can get things done ... the power is in the student’s hands. I’ve found that to be very, very true.

I work as the editor-in-chief of NOVA Fortnightly, the college-wide student newspaper. It’s very involved. Previously, the student newspapers were organized by campus, so each campus had their own paper. Now we’re in our second year as a college-wide publication. It’s been a lot of work managing the articles, organizing coverage from all six campuses, getting people involved and reporting on all the different facets of NOVA and the NOVA community. However, it’s exciting work because of the diverse faculty and students who create a variety of news to cover.

I’m really interested in the study of management and the study of organizations. Essentially how you get things done. I’m not into the financial or profit side. To me it’s a matter of organizing people. Who you put where -- to get to your objective. It’s very strategic, like a chess game and I like that. After graduation I’d love to work for a nonprofit.