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Picture of Khalida Rafigi

Student Profile - Khalida Rafigi

I see NOVA as a foundation for guaranteed success. It’s a community college that provides a plethora of opportunities for its students.

I’m currently interning for Congressman Gerry Connelly of the 11th district and I would have never gotten the chance if it weren’t for NOVA. Aside from providing a Guaranteed Admissions Agreement, NOVA offers internship programs that allow students to gain hands-on experience working in their major. As a Political Science and English major at the Loudoun Campus, I’ve been able to practice what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply the knowledge to my internship.

Recently, I assisted a constituent who was having trouble receiving his social security money. I researched his situation and contacted various federal agencies to have his social security restored. It’s really touching learning about different problems people in the community are facing and it’s fulfilling knowing that I can help them and actually make a difference in their lives.