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Julian Awari

I'm a singer and I know that a business education will help that aspect of my music -- to be knowledgeable business-wise as well as artistically. That's why I'm working to get my associates in business administration. I've been here for about two years and I've learned more about general business and what's expected from me, as well as my company. In my current job it's definitely affecting me, especially my confidence -- just knowing I have an education.

The culture here is extremely diverse; it's definitely a college for everyone. The faculty here actually teach -- they go through what you're actually expected to do. I also like that NOVA is flexible. It's good for people who are a little bit older or have different lifestyles. In my case, I work full time. I'm enrolled in NOVA part time. I also do a lot with church and I'm involved with music on the side. The course times at NOVA definitely fit my schedule.