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Picture of Jacqueline Gibbons

Faculty Profile - Jacqueline Gibbons

I have worked at MEC as Assistant Dean of Health Information Management (HIM) for four years. When my family relocated to this area from New Jersey an opportunity came along for me to teach at NOVA and I seized it. The student population, diverse culture and my cooperative colleagues make it a great work environment.

My teaching style is a combination of methods. At times I must be the subject matter expert because HIM is a technical field and our students have to take a national exam at the end. Other times I am a facilitator for student learning. I also encourage collaboration among the students because they need experience working on group projects together. I am committed to successful student outcomes. I present the subject matter to the students in a variety of ways so they can interpret, understand and apply it to their studies and in the real world.

The Health Information Program at NOVA is extremely technical in nature. It is data driven, patient oriented and computer focused. My favorite aspect of teaching is when a student grasps a concept and applies it. You see the light bulb go off and they say, “I’ve got it! I understand this now. It makes sense.” I look forward to those moments when they are able to tie everything together that they have learned.

When students pursue a career in HIM they need to know they have a very strategic place in health care and the role they play is extremely important. Once students pass the exam after they complete our program they can take their credentials and work anywhere they want in the country. There is a lot of focus being placed on electronic health records -- it’s a great time for students to be in this field.