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Picture of David Liendo

Student Profile - David Liendo

NOVA is an amazing place. It’s affordable and I’m able to explore different interests by taking classes in various subjects. I have everything I need at the Annandale Campus, which has helped as I work towards an Associate of Science degree.

I’m really into science and I’ve been able to develop my skills and interest in premed. This knowledge will further prepare me as I progress towards my educational goals. Before I started college I didn’t really get involved in any student activities, which changed when I came to NOVA. I’m the vice president of Phi Theta Kappa and the vice president of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I’ve learned so much from getting involved with these organizations.

The Annandale Campus is a great environment for students. There are counselors who will help guide you down a positive path. Take advantage of your resources because they will bring you many opportunities that you can use in the future.