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Chris Altice

Chris Altice

As an older student and a military veteran; I had some uncertainties about going back to school. NOVA provided an ideal environment to meet my academic needs.

I thought using my VA Benefits was going to be difficult, but it wasn’t at all. I literally enrolled in my classes, filled out a form or two, took it to my counselor and before I knew it I was a college student. It would have been a waste for me not to use my military benefits. As a result, I’m able to attend college and get a good education for free. I think more veterans should take advantage of this perk.

I like the diverse environment at NOVA. During my time in the military, I visited 14 different countries and was a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was featured in the PBS documentary, ‘Carrier.’ I am proud to be part of this 10-part series that shows the life of military personnel aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. 

I grew up playing sports and I was happy to discover that NOVA has a hockey team. I was a little nervous at first because a majority of the other players were younger and faster than me, but I trained hard and ended up finishing tenth out of five hundred players in the Blue Ridge Hockey Conference. I’ve made good friends as a member of the hockey team. I look forward to serving as team captain next season.