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Picture of Brittany Shearer

Student Profile - Brittany Shearer

Before I made the decision to come to NOVA, I attended a four year institution that was close to my house. After my first semester there I decided it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t ready for that particular college experience. It was a big school and I felt like it was a lot harder for me to find my footing.

Making the switch to NOVA was one of my best decisions. The smaller environment really helped me to figure out what I needed to do without feeling overwhelmed. I’m currently majoring in both Liberal Arts and Social Science. What I like most about my two programs are the flexible class times – because I’m working on two degrees many of my classes overlap, allowing me to take one class to fulfill two degree requirements.

Also, a lot of students don’t realize the amount of activities available here, especially at the Manassas Campus. I was voted Miss NOVA by my fellow classmates. It’s been a great experience because I was chosen to be a representative for our campus. I’m also a student delegate for campus council. What I like most about the position is that I get to have my voice heard on topics that may affect the rest of the student population.