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Picture of Ali Gee

Student Profile - Ali Gee

I’m studying Communication and Interactive Design at the Loudoun Campus because I love to draw. I work for the Loudoun Lantern as a cartoon artist. It’s great because I get to share my work with other students on campus and it’s a pretty cool job.

NOVA’s an interesting place because there are so many people with different backgrounds that it makes for a very diverse learning environment. The people are friendly. 

I broke my shin playing intramural football and I can’t say enough about how awesome it was to be surrounded by such caring people. Everyone on my team played a part in helping me to get better. I was placed on crutches and I had people assisting me with my books and things so I was able to get around campus. The teachers were also considerate. The experience really helped me to truly understand the camaraderie of the students at the Loudoun Campus.