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Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (Mac)

If you are interested in using the full version of Outlook instead of Web Outlook from home or off-campus, you can connect to the college’s Remote Server (Terminal Server) and use any of the Microsoft Office programs available there, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.

Additionally, while connected to the remote server, you can map your network drives just as if you were sitting at your office desktop computer.

To obtain the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac:

1. Click here for the download page.
2. Follow the next steps to complete the installation.

To install this software:

1. After installing the MAC application, run it.
2. The following screen ill appear. Click the NEW button

Remote Desktop Client for Mac Screen 1

3. The following screen will appear. Enter the server information shown. Users may enter any of the remote server addresses listed in the computer "Name" field.

Possible entries:

Remote Desktop Client for Mac Screen 2

4. Once the information is entered, close the window by clicking the red button in the upper left corner.

5. The following screen will appear. Double click the newly created computer connection.

Remote Desktop Client for Mac Screen 3

6. The remote server screen will appear and you may be prompted to accept a security certificate. Click Continue.

Remote Desktop Client for Mac Security Certificate

Refer to the section on Mapping a Network Drive to learn how to map to the G: and H: drives once you are connected to the Terminal Server.