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Academic Policies and Procedures

The following is important information for faculty about college policies and procedures for monitoring student attendance, assigning grades and managing enrollment.

Taking Roll and Assigning Grades: Summary Guidelines for Faculty - Spring '12

Teaching faculty should find this document particularly useful. This document provides step-by-step information about major faculty responsibilities in these areas, arranged chronologically for the complete semester.

Notice to Students Regarding Attendance and Grades - Spring '12

This document can be distributed to students as faculty chose to do so. The document speaks directly to students and provides them with key information about their responsibilities for attendance and its effect on grades. The college-wide stress on attendance is meant to reinforce faculty efforts to promote student success through students' active engagement in the learning process.

Instructor Initiated W (Withdrawal) Form

Faculty should use this official college Withdrawal Form whenever they want to withdraw a student for appropriate reasons.

Faculty Initiated I (Incomplete) Form

Faculty should use this official college Incomplete Form whenever they want to assign students an incomplete grade.

Enrollment Management Plan - Spring '12

This document provides a comprehensive listing of key dates and activities for various college offices and functions, showing their interrelationship in the overall process of managing enrollment. This is an update of the document we have made available for over a year now.

As always, if you have questions or suggestions for improvement in these communications, please let us know.

Policy Changes: Audit (X) and Incomplete (I)

This document provides details on the policy changes made to the Audits (X) and Incompletes (I) grade processes.

The modifications are aligned with NOVA’s renewed emphasis on the importance of students completing their collegiate work, at both the course and program level, in a successful and timely manner.