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Dr. Schiavelli

Executive Vice President, Academic and Student Services

The Executive Vice President provides administrative and operational oversight of the College, serving as the chief assistant to the President in implementing and executing policy decisions. The Executive Vice President has overall responsibility for Academic and Student Services -- promoting the systematic enhancement of the academic mission and functional operation of a single college with programs and services delivered on multiple campuses in response to the needs and aspirations of the dynamic metropolitan region of Northern Virginia. More specifically, the Executive Vice President provides college-wide leadership for all instructional, curricular and personnel issues related to academic affairs, student services and academic support programs of the College.

The Office of Executive Vice President includes the units of Academic Services, Grants Development and Special Projects, Student Services and Enrollment Management, Student Financial Aid and Support Services, and Global Studies and Programs. These units provide collaborative leadership, policy guidance and operational coordination for a variety of activities and resources that support the effective delivery and continuing enhancement of instructional programs and services to students on the multiple campuses of the College.