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Accessibility Information

Did you know that NOVA has many fun Web media tools and informative social networking sites you can join?

NOVA wants all our students to have easy access to our Web tools. You will find our official NOVA page on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube under the name NOVAaccess. We’re registered under the name Northern Virginia Community College on LinkedIn and you'll find us listed as NOVA on iTunes U.

Logo of Facebook

Join us
on NOVAaccess Facebook!

NOVAaccess on Facebook provides details about NOVA events, deadlines, school closings and more. Facebook offers built-in tools and technologies that help people with disabilities get the most out of the website.


Connect with
us on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn informs NOVA graduates, students and faculty about transfer and different career advancement opportunities. An external site offers an accessibility option for LinkedIn called Essential Accessibility.

Twitter logo

Follow us
on NOVAaccess Twitter!

NOVAaccess on Twitter, a micro-blogging site, allows NOVA to post College updates to our followers up to 140 characters in length. An external site offers an accessibility option for Twitter called Easy Chirp.

YouTube logo

Watch us on NOVAaccess
on your YouTube channel!

NOVAaccess, NOVA’s YouTube channel, houses dynamic videos about the College. Many of the videos on NOVAaccess and other YouTube channels are closed-captioned.

Logo of Blogs at NOVA

Read about us
on Blogs at NOVA!

Official NOVA blogs represent different areas of the College and cover many subjects. You can make your blog accessible by following WordPress accessibility tips.

NOVA on iTunes U logo

Listen to us
on NOVA on iTunes U!

NOVA on iTunes U features a variety of podcasts and open courses for free. iTunes U offers accessibility tips for individuals who are seeing impaired, hearing impaired and physically impaired

NOVA Mobile logo

Access us
on NOVA Mobile!

NOVA’s mobile site offers convenient access to key information located on the NOVA website via your Web-enabled phone or PDA. NOVA Mobile is accessible.

Apple logo

Download our

Use NOVA's App to view the NOVA virtual tour, quick facts, events calendar and admissions information on your Apple iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Apple offers tips to help make an App accessible. The NOVA App is accessible.