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Grade Reports

Grades are obtained through NOVAConnect. Grade reports are not mailed.

Grading System for Credit Classes

In order to receive any letter grade, a student must have attended a minimum of one class meeting or the equivalent in the case of an online learning course. In an online learning course, initial student attendance is determined by course participation as measured by accessing and using course materials, completion of a class assignment, participation in a course discussion, or other evidence of participation. The College will administratively drop students who enroll in a course but do not attend a minimum of one class meeting or the online learning equivalent by the census date. Existing College policies regarding tuition refund shall remain in effect.

The grades of “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” “P,” and “S” are passing grades. Grades of “F” and “U” are failing grades. “R” and “I” are interim grades. Grades of “W” and “X” are final grades carrying no credit.

The quality of performance in any academic course is reported by a letter grade, the assignment of which is the responsibility of the instructor. These grades denote the character of study and are assigned quality points as follows:       

A = Excellent – 4 grade points per credit
B = Good – 3 grade points per credit
C = Average – 2 grade points per credit
D = Poor – 1 grade point per credit
F  = Failure – 0 grade points

I = Incomplete - No grade point credit. The incomplete (“I”) grade is to be used only for verifiable unavoidable reasons that a student is unable to complete a course within the normal course time. To be eligible to receive an “I” grade, the student must have satisfactorily completed more than 60 percent of the course requirements and attendance, and must request the faculty member to assign the “I” grade and indicate why it is warranted. The faculty member has the discretion to decide whether the “I” grade will be awarded.

Since the “I” grade extends enrollment in the course, requirements for satisfactory completion shall be established through consultation between the faculty member and the student and documented on the “I” Grade Assignment Form (125-076). In assigning the “I” grade, the faculty must complete documentation that

  • states the reason for assigning the grade;
  • specifies the work to be completed and indicates its percentage in relation to the total work of the course;
  • specifies the date by which the work must be completed; and
  • identifies the default grade (“B,” “C,” “D,” “F,” “P,” “R,” or “U”) based upon course work already completed.

Completion dates may not be set beyond the last day of the subsequent semester (to include Summer Term) without written approval of the Chief Academic Officer of the campus. The student will be provided a copy of the documentation. Colleges will establish procedures to ensure that all “I” grades that have not been changed by the faculty member through the normal grade change processes are subsequently changed to the default grade assigned by the faculty member. An “I” grade will be changed to a “W” only under documented mitigating circumstances which must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer of the campus.

P = Pass – No grade point credit. Applies only to nondevelopmental courses. The “P/U” grading option may be used for an entire section of any course but not for an individual student within a course. Use of this grade must be approved by the academic dean. Grades of “P” are not included in grade point average calculations. Only seven credit hours of “P” grades may be applied toward graduation. This maximum may be extended to 15 credit hours for an approved experiential learning program such as PLACE (SDV 298).

R = Reenroll – No grade point credit. The reenroll “R” grade may be used as a grade option in developmental and College ESL courses only, to indicate satisfactory progress toward meeting course objectives. In order to complete the course objectives, students receiving an “R” grade must reenroll in the course and pay the specified tuition. The “R” grade may be given only once per course.

S = Satisfactory – No grade point credit. Used only for satisfactory completion of a developmental studies course (numbered 1–9) or any College ESL course. Grades of “S” are not included in grade point average calculations.

U = Unsatisfactory – No grade point credit. Applies to nondevelopmental courses being offered with a “P/U” grading option, as well as to developmental studies, ESL courses, noncredit courses, and specialized courses and seminars at the discretion of the College. The “P/U” grading option may be used for an entire section of any course, but not for a single individual student within a course.

W = Withdrawal – No grade point credit. A grade of “W” is awarded if a student withdraws or is withdrawn from a course after the add/drop period but prior to the completion of 60 percent of the session, using the Withdrawal Initiated by Student Form (125–047) or Withdrawal Initiated by Instructor Form (125–031). After the 60 percent point, the student will receive a grade of “F” except under mitigating circumstances that must be documented on either the 125–047 or 125–031 Form. In all cases, the instructor and academic dean must approve the withdrawal, and the dean forwards the signed form to the Student Services Center. This documentation will be retained in the student’s record. See also “Withdrawal from a Course” section, under “Enrollment.”

X = Audit – Students auditing a course may attend without taking examinations or receiving credit for the course. Permission of the instructor and the academic dean is required to audit a course no later than the census date for the course. See “Auditing a Course,” under “Enrollment,” for more information.

Calculating the GPA

The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned in courses by the total number of credits attempted. Courses that do not generate grade points are not included in credits attempted. The GPA is carried out to two digits past the decimal point (example 1.00). No rounding shall be done to arrive at the GPA.

The following table illustrates a GPA of 2.00 obtained by dividing 30 by 15.

Grade Grade
Credit Hours
Grade Points
BIO 101 4 C 2 4 8
ENG 111 3 B 3 3 9
MUS 141 2 A 4 2 8
PED 109 1 F 0 0 0
FRE 101 5 D 1 5 5
PSY 100 0 W 0 0 0
TOTALS 15 10 30

Course Grade Appeals

Students who think that a semester grade is in error may check by contacting the appropriate instructor within 20 calendar days after the first day of classes for the next Fall or Spring Semester. If the grade is in error, the instructor will take the necessary steps to correct it. After the next semester, the grade will stand. Students should review the Student Course Grade Appeal Form (125-053) online for guidance in the process.

Developmental Course Grading

An “S” grade will be assigned to indicate satisfactory completion of the course objectives for each developmental course (numbered 1–9).

Students who are making satisfactory progress but have not completed all of the instructional objectives for a developmental course will be assigned an “R,” must reenroll, and must pay the appropriate tuition to complete course objectives.

Students who are not making satisfactory progress in a developmental course will be assigned a “U” (unsatisfactory). Such students should meet with a counselor for possible reevaluation of goals and for determination of any subsequent academic work.

Credits earned for developmental courses are not counted in grade point computations toward graduation or in determining sophomore status. They are used in determining full-time or part-time status.